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Imperial Army Ground Forces Command ranks
Imperial Army Logo.jpeg
Commissioned Officers
O11a » Field Marshal
O10 » General (Colonel-General)
O9 » Lieutenant General
O8 » Major General
O7 » Brigadier General
O6 » Colonel
O5 » Lieutenant Colonel
O4 » Major
O3 » Captain
O2 » First Lieutenant
O1 » Second Lieutenant
O0 » Officer Cadet
Enlisted Ranks
E9 » Sergeant Major
E8 » Master Sergeant (First Sergeant)
E7 » Leading Sergeant
E6 » Staff Sergeant
E5 » Sergeant
E4 » Lance Sergeant
E3 » Corporal
E2 » Lance Corporal
E1 » Private (Private 1st Class)
E0 » Recruit (Private Recruit)

The rank of Major General (O8) is the commissioned officer rank in the Imperial Army that commands a Division or has duties of similar importance.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Each Division in the Imperial Army, Imperial Marines and those few Mercenary units of this size will be commanded by a Major General. Several staff posts at Corps level or higher are also held by Officers with this rank.

The equivalent rank in the Imperial Navy is Fleet Admiral.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The rank "Major General" was historically that of "Sergeant-Major General", which explains why a Major General is junior to a Lieutenant General.

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