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The Imperial Korsumug Navy is the space navy of the Korsumug Empire.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Imperial Korsumug Navy defends the territory of the Korsumug Empire.

  • Its name is commonly abbreviated to 'IKN'.
  • IKN ships are typically between TL–11 and TL–13, though some are less advanced.
Jaibok Minor Race.jpg

The majority of its personnel are Jaibok.

  • Jansa form a significant percentage of its officer corps.

The Admiralty: 1105[edit]

The Admiralty is the high command of the IKN.

  • The Admiralty answers directly to the Emperor.
  • Most of the staff officers are Jansa.

Fleet Counter 0.png

Fleets: 1105[edit]

The IKN is divided into named fleets, each led by a charismatic Admiral.

  • Four of the many named fleets of the Empire, serving on its turbulent borders.

Fleet Counter 1.png Fleet Counter 2.png Fleet Counter 4.png Fleet Counter 3.png

Starships and Spacecraft: 1105[edit]

The IKN fields a large variety of vessels.

  • All classes of ships are designed by the Jansa.

Jansa Capital Ships[edit]

The IKN operate three major types of capital ship, the Vermin class Heavy Destroyer, the Malign class Cruiser, and the Scourge class Battleship. There are limited numbers of these vessels available and they are dispatched to fleets sparingly, under strict instructions that they are not to be frittered away conducting petty raids. All three types are fearsome vessels by the standards of the region, significantly more advanced than similar vessels of neighbouring states and carrying state of the art weapons and defenses.

  • Capital ships have Jansa crews.
  • The mere presence of these vessels can dramatically swing the local balance of power.

KJ120d Destroyer.png KJ300d Cruiser.png KJ400d Battleship 2.png

Jansa Spyships[edit]

The Jansa operate small stealthy spyships. These act as couriers, as sensor outposts, as communications relays, and as command vessels.

  • Spyships rarely have Jaibok crew.
  • They always avoid confrontation and will flee if possible.
  • Spyships contain a self-destruct device.

KE2d Zerp.png KE3d Korsu 2.png

Jaibok Heavy Gunships[edit]

Most heavy gunships are constructed around a single primary weapon system, typically denoted as a bay weapon but generally forming the core of the vessel.

  • Heavy gunships are hard-hitting but often lack defenses.
  • They usually operate as part of a mixed group of craft.

KE6c Brigantine.png KE10c Escort.png KE-11c Frigate 2.png KE12c Destroyer 2.png

Jaibok Gunboats[edit]

Gunboats are fast, agile craft armed with a variety of weapons systems and defenses.

  • They usually operate as part of a mixed group of craft.

KE4b Sloop.png KE-5c Patrol Boat.png KE7b Corvette 2.png KE8b Corvette 2.png KE9c Corvette.png

Jaibok Carriers[edit]

Carriers transport fighters and assault shuttles. Jansa-designed carriers are relatively slow.

  • They avoid direct confrontation if possible.
  • They have strong defenses and countermeasures.
  • They are always accompanied by escort vessels.
  • They are nicknamed "fishbones" by human opponents.

KE10b Replete.png KE10c Gravid 2.png KE18c Carrier.png

Jaibok Fighters[edit]

Many vessels carry small, fast, agile fighters.

KF1a Fighter.png KF2a Fighter.png KF3c Fighter.png


Utility smallcraft are used to transport equipment and personnel.

  • Launches are the main light utility craft used by the navy.
  • Assault shuttles are both transports and gunships, able to land troops and provide support.

KU1a Launch.png KU8b Assault Shuttle.png

Auxiliary Vessels[edit]

Auxiliary vessels support the fleet.

KA15c Glutton.png KA25c Tanker.png

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

The Imperial Korsumug Navy patrols the worlds of the Korsumug Empire, keeps the peace, and enacts the Will of the Emperor.

Chart Korsumug Empire Basic.png
(Chart sourced from Traveller Map).

Goals (Mission)[edit]

The fleet is the primary arm of military expansion, territory acquisition and raiding. Offensive operations are the preferred methods and defensive operations are often perceived as lacking in the bold initiative and aggression which Jaibok planners exemplify. A natural elan and determination guide rapid advances. Military planners tend to push the limits, and can not be seen as conservative. Risk big and win big is the heroic mantra. Some calmer and cooler heads prevail within the larger naval bureaucracy. As long as glorious operations are available for young commanders to test their mettle, the senior officers seldom complain. Tailoring these missions and directing them appropriately takes great skill and subtle hands within the structure of the operational arts. Skills often overlooked by Jaibok warriors. Maintaining supply lines, and replacing loses can be critical to adjusting the flow of resources to the front and how and when those resources are expended. Once fully fueled and equipped little can hold squadron commanders at bay. Knowing when and where to strike is typically the most critical decision. Equipment tends to be rugged and dependable with a stark utilitarian design ascetic.

Diagrams depicting ongoing operations within the Empire and beyond its borders.

Glorious Triumph Fleet.png Immortal Legion Fleet 2.png Kindred of Claws Flotilla.png
(Original images sourced from Traveller Map.)

The fleet of the Korsumug Empire generally operates in small mixed groups, either patrolling or raiding. Typically 1D6+1 vessels will be encountered, with the tonnages of the ships ranging from 200 Tons to as much as 1,800 tons.

  • Most vessels are built at TL–12, but older designs, some as low as TL–10, may occasionally be encountered.
  • The Jansa have created a number of advanced TL–13 capital ships. These are rarely seen and are always escorted.

Raiders despoil and plunder independent worlds all along the Korsumug Main and far beyond.

Korsumug Main Systems 2.png
(Chart sourced from Traveller Map).

Worlds in purple lie on the Korsumug Main.

Allied Forces: 1105[edit]

Percavid Marches Fleet Counter 0.png

Enemy Forces: 1105[edit]

The IKN gleefully faces opponents all around its borders. These include:

Peladon Navy Fleet Counter 0a.png Trooles Fleet Counter 0.png Jelmiri Free Legion Fleet Counter 0.png

Major Events: 1105[edit]

It dates its founding to the beginning of the Korsumug Empire.


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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This navy can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

World Listing[edit]

The following systems and worlds are directly associated with this navy:

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