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A Navy usually refers to a spacebourne military force as in an interstellar fleet, but the term s also sometimes used, in its archaic form, to refer to wet navies, the forces that ply the oceans of some high hydrography worlds (planets).

History & Background[edit]

An interstellar community operates under many unique restrictions - it consists of many island planets adrift in an ocean of space. Communication between the worlds absolutely depends on technology. Ships flying between the worlds are vulnerable to pirates and raiders; the worlds themselves are vulnerable to attacks from unfriendly governments. To control such an ocean of stars, society must depend on its starfaring Navy.

Most interstellar states (whether individual nations on a world, independent worlds, small groups of worlds, or vast interstellar empires) maintain navies. These navies are organized to provide the most possible protection for their territory. In large groups of worlds (such as the Third Imperium and most of its interstellar neighbors), the Navy is organized with a three-tiered structure: the major forces of the Navy are the fleets (which together comprise the Imperial Navy); the local provinces (subsectors) maintain reserve fleets; worlds of high enough technology maintain their own system squadrons. The fleets are composed of the latest and best in warship technology; reserve fleets are usually with second line, obsolescent (but not obsolete) ships handed down from the fleets; system squadrons, supported by the tax base of only one world, are suited only for defense of that world. The distinctions between these forces are primarily based on size, resources, and duties.

Further Detail[edit]

See the following:

Spacebourne Forces (Fleets):

Imperial Navy
Military Space Command of the Imperium
Zhodani Navy
Military Space Command of the Zhodani Consulate
Aslan Navy
Military Space Command of the Aslan Hierate
Solomani Navy
Military Space Command of the Solomani Confederation

Planetary Forces:

Wet Navy
Military Sea Command, usually for a single planet.
Close Orbit and Aerospace Control Command. Not a Navy, but operates space ships.

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