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The Korsumug Empire is a polity located in Theta Borealis and Mavuzog Sectors.

  • It is part of Charted Space.
  • It is an aggressive, expansionistic state.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
Korsumug Empire Pre-Imperial KorEmp No standard code None
Korsumug Empire 1st Survey (300) Ke 2-ltr code None
Korsumug Empire 2nd Survey (1065) KoEm 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Korsumug Empire is dominated by the violent and expansionistic Jaibok, a sophont minor race native to the world of Vech, in Mavuzog Sector.

  • Evidence suggests that the ancients uplifted this savage species from primitive animal stock around a quarter of a million years ago.
Jaibok Minor Race.jpg

The Jaibok are an endlessly warlike and aggressive species. Their predilection for killing each other has seriously hampered their ability to expand.

  • Popular rumor holds that Korsumug inward aggression is the result of a centuries-old Hiver manipulation to prevent them from laying waste to countless civilizations.
  • This seems unlikely, given the distance between the two species and the apparent lack of interest the Hivers show in the far spinward regions of Charted Space.

Image Repository[edit]

The Korsumug Empire occupies parts of thirteen subsectors, when its new conquests are included.

Chart Korsumug Empire Basic.png
(Chart sourced from Traveller Map).


Significant populations of the following races (sophont species) reside within the Korsumug Empire:

  • Humaniti (Human races)
    • Mixed Solomani / Vilani ancestry, largely in bondage or captivity.
    • Some far-flung Zhodani, chiefly diplomatic missions and a few adventurous wanderers.

No Droyne are found within Korsumug territory in modern times.

Government Structure[edit]

The Korsumug Empire is a large interstellar state that controls parts of Mavuzog Sector and Theta Borealis Sector

  • The Empire is aggressive and expansionistic but is riven by internecine squabbles between different factions.

Korsumug Structure.png
A simple diagram showing the structure of the Korsumug Empire.

Head of State[edit]

The Emperor, the Great Zhan, Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy, First Marshal of the Horde, Wielder of the Great Zerp of Korsu and Devourer of Worlds.

The Emperor sits upon the Throne of Skulls within the Forbidden Fortress on Vech.

  • The Emperor is the executive branch of the government.
  • The Will of the Emperor must be enacted.

The Emperor is advised by the Loyal Bond, a trusted council who guide and shape His Will.

  • Occasionally members of the Loyal Bond fall out of favor while others rise to prominence.
  • The Emperor is protected at all times by an elite and intensely loyal Bodyguard Corps.

The Imperial Court[edit]

The Imperial Court is housed within within the huge Forbidden Fortress on Vech, a sprawling city of citadels, defensive works, halls, chambers, annexes, private landing pads, hangars, barracks, and bunkers built atop an extinct tropical volcano. It houses the Assembly of the Risen and Heirs, the Admiralty, the Chancellery and various departments of government, official bureaus and offices, public assemblies, kitchens, powerplants, and all the support infrastructure needed to enable it to function. It is home to countless generals, admirals, politicians, administrators, and various influential courtiers, all jockeying for power and vying for the attention of the Emperor himself.

As the Emperor conducts his day-to-day activities he grants audiences to officials to discuss policies, strategies, and issues affecting the Empire as a whole.

  • The Imperial Court is the legislative branch of the government
  • The Emperor imparts His Will to the Imperial Court.
  • The appropriate part of the Court sets about implementing the Will of the Emperor.
  • Individuals may be empowered to act by personal command of the Emperor.
  • The Emperor mostly speaks and acts though his High Vizier, a native Jansa.

Courts of the Korsu[edit]

The Korsu are the judicial branch of the government. They are appointed by the Emperor or rise to the position through patronage or through their wisdom and notable deeds. Their main role is to see that ancient rights are observed (in effect limiting the reach of other authorities, including the Emperor). They oversee blood-feuds, appropriately limit acts of retribution and revenge, and act as intermediaries between parties. They empower the Guardians to detain suspects and extract information from them. They act as judges and impose legal sentences for crimes.

  • Many legal situations are solved by negotiation and argument.
  • Trial by Combat is a time-honored legal process.
  • Verdicts may depend on "humiliated", "first blood", "incapacitated", or "to the death" contests.
  • The use of Champions is a common legal practise.
  • Public executions are regularly carried out.


Nobles of the Empire[edit]

The Risen are individual Jaibok who have risen above the Common Horde and become Commanders and Warlords, and who have then risen to dominance among their ranks. They have proven themselves time and again through their acts and deeds. They control considerable territory and resources, hold enslaved captives, have followers who they speak for, and command substantial military forces.

  • They have alliances with Heirs, Warlords, and Princes.
  • They represent a considerable concentration of political and economic power.
  • Each assumes the title of Zhan.

The Heirs are typically Jaibok or Jansa who have acted as the second-in-command or chief henchman of an established organization, such as a military unit or a provincial city. They have risen to overall leadership rather than carving out their own new territory or sphere of influence.

  • Many are actively groomed and prepared for the role by their predecessor.
  • They assume command upon their predecessor's advancement, retirement, or demise.
  • A few Heirs rise to power as a result of assassinations, bloody coups, or uprisings.
  • Each assumes the title of Zhan.

Administrators / High Priests

Imperial Korsumug Provinces[edit]

  • Military Governors
  • Princes / Warlords
  • Spiritual Leaders
    • The Common Horde
    • Enslaved

Military Forces[edit]

Space Forces[edit]

The Imperial Korsumug Navy defends the Empire. It answers to the Great Zhan, the Emperor himself, who holds the rank of Grand Admiral.

  • The Admiralty interacts directly with the Emperor and plans campaigns and strategies.
  • Jansa make up a large percentage of the Admiralty's officer corps.

Fleet Counter 0.png

The navy defends the Empire and acts aggressively beyond its borders. It is divided into large named fleets and smaller independent flotillas.

  • Each fleet and flotilla is led by a charismatic commander.
  • Jansa make up a large percentage of each fleets officer corps.
  • Fleets are unruly. Petty squabbling and infighting frequently occurs between their constituent units.

Fleet Counter 1.png Fleet Counter 2.png Fleet Counter 3.png Fleet Counter 4.png

Strategically it is not the quality of these ships, nor the vehicles or soldiers they carry, it is the staggering quantity. Other interstellar states in the region field larger, more dangerous vessels than the Korsumug Empire (Jansa capital ships aside). It is the endless supply of small but powerful Jaibok vessels that make them so very dangerous. The waves are difficult to resist: opposing forces cannot be everywhere at once.

Ground Forces[edit]

Fleet Marines and Occupation Garrisons use the:

Marine infantry formations uses vacuum suits for protected forces duty. Those skilled in laser weapons are sought after for sniper/scout/FO duties. Cutlasses, revolvers, cloth armor and reflect still predominate. Army troopers carry ACRs, and wear CES. Officers, NCOs and vehicles crews are often seen with compact, folding stock bull-pup layout 9mm SMGs, and 9mm auto pistols. A strange assortment of daggers, blades and swords find their way into soldiers arsenals as well, despite efforts to root out individual preferences. Tactical skills are good, but artillery and heavy weapon skills are lacking. A significant percentage of troopers can fix and operate the tracked ATVs and AFVs, and several can drive and service Grav vehicles. Colonial guards are locally raised militias units of inferior quality troops. They field "elite" units of laser scouts equipped with laser carbines, smoke grenades and flat angular slabs of matte black ablative armor. They typically deploy from unarmed and lightly armored wheeled ATVs.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Some of the first humans to enter the Mavuzog region were rugged Terran explorers and pioneers, equipped with their still-new FTL drive technology and eager to open up the distant frontier.

In under four decades a few of these adventurous souls had travelled many hundreds of parsecs from their homeworld, first heading coreward, somehow managing to cross the entire First Imperium and avoiding the emerging peril of raiding Vargr, finding the path across the Great Rift through Corridor Sector, before pushing on to spinward, into the vast wilderness Behind the Claw.

The technologically sophisticated Jansa, a species native to Jansazar, had acquired knowledge of jump technology from these far-flung human travellers. By the early middle years of the -2300s / ca 2170 AD they had constructed at least one operational FTL vessel.

  • The Jansa explored their local region and made contact with the Jaibok by around -2360 / 2,159AD.
  • First contact between the two species, almost 3500 years ago, is considered to be the beginning of the Empire.

The empire formed 3,500 years ago when the planet Korsu was united under the rule of the Zerp, an alien species. Once they achieved FTL travel they began to conquer other worlds. Periodic civil wars interrupt this steady expansive advance. They are ruthless in the pursuit of wealth and are exploitative of conquered territories.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This polity is primarily located in the following areas:

Capital/s: 1105[edit]

The capital/s of this polity is/are located in the following location/s:

  • Vech/Taltan (Mavuzog 2922). Deep meson sites are located throughout the system as a powerful defensive bulwark.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are a part of this polity:

129 of 129 World articles in Korsumug Empire
Al Masar  •  Alcadeen  •  Amberlite  •  Amun (Mv 2616)  •  Arion  •  Azimus  •  Binikin  •  Bluish  •  Boyard  •  Burgoo  •  Bylo  •  Cabbot  •  Caloran (TB 1122)  •  Carlondo  •  Cavard  •  Cheludi  •  Covar  •  Covoda  •  Covolan  •  Cremil  •  Cyclic  •  Czeri  •  DeHan V  •  Dedas  •  Devalera  •  Dojothi  •  Dolgan  •  Ecosh  •  Eelo  •  Esmeria  •  Esmesli  •  Essik  •  Eudoria  •  Eurasa  •  Evla  •  Far Gand  •  Feleg  •  Felspar  •  Fesnay  •  Floodgate  •  Fugin  •  Fuldan  •  Fusil  •  Gank  •  Glav  •  Grunden  •  Hago  •  Halarsha  •  Hezo Dal  •  Hilo  •  Hoddin  •  Honiara  •  Ilnoyor  •  Inderient  •  Insom  •  Ionic  •  Ispeth  •  Jabaran  •  Jadd  •  Jansazar  •  Jelmirt  •  Jevul  •  Kachelus  •  Kerpan  •  LesParda  •  Lhym  •  Lon Evin  •  Lonach  •  Lortox  •  Lymo  •  Lyst  •  Lytock  •  Magnar  •  Marconi  •  Marda (Mv 2422)  •  Mas Annet  •  Merotpeg  •  Misch  •  Mon Santo  •  Mytelon  •  Nalmer  •  Nervay  •  Nouwak  •  Obheim  •  Obo's Moon  •  Ombathu  •  Ort Anga  •  Ostello  •  Pakwolf  •  Pala Vao  •  Parsimu  •  Pelagia  •  Pelush  •  Petask  •  Pewellyn  •  Pusint  •  Pythina  •  Qualan  •  Quantestal  •  Rhintril  •  Riddell  •  Roda  •  Sardan  •  Shimerdon  •  Siridor  •  Sumu Myor  •  Sytak  •  Tafeld  •  Telivant  •  Tolchus  •  Toriq  •  Tully  •  Ugnes  •  Ulesinik  •  Unita (Mv 2612)  •  Uttomar  •  Vardi  •  Vech  •  Velo  •  Vilardine  •  Wathian  •  Weil  •  Windshadow  •  Wolfen  •  Wylo  •  Wystera  •  Yucom  •  Zehar  •  Zulurin  •  
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