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The Glorious Triumph Fleet serves the Korsumug Empire.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Glorious Triumph Fleet is a large naval unit of the Korsumug Empire.

  • It is mainly equipped to TL–12 standards.

Fleet Counter 2.png
The standard of the Glorious Triumph Fleet.

The port facilities under its control, particularly the important shipyards at Felspar, provide maintenance and repair facilities to vessels of the fleet.

Units from the Immortal Legion Fleet, based to rimward in the Siridor Trace, rely on logistical support from Felspar. The Glorious Triumph Fleet and the Legion are adversarial, and ships from the two units occasionally come to blows with one another.

  • The Naval Survey Office schedules unit operations and activities to minimize the chances of conflict.


The majority of the Fleets personnel are Jaibok.

  • A significant percentage of its officers, staff, and technicians are Jansa.
  • It has very few human personnel. Almost all are employed in administrative roles.

Tables of Organization (Organizational Structure)[edit]


A number of different squadrons and flotillas make up the Fleet. These are relatively hard to become a member of and they expect loyalty from their members. However, within the squadrons, rivalry is endemic and conflict is rife.

  • A Korsumug naval unit is never entirely ready for action: a percentage of its force will always be damaged or disabled as a result of internecine squabbles and attacks.
  • Ships cycle between the different units as they are sent for rest or repair or when they are assigned new duties.
Active Formations
Marker Name Role Leader Remarks Quality Typical Ship Types
KE-11c Frigate 2.png Arragh's Group Raiders Admiral Arragh Led by a Jaibok with a fearsome and bloodthirsty reputation, Arragh's Group conduct large-scale raids against the Sorority of Hygiea. They are equipped with modern Jump-3 vessels and are disciplined and well organized. Good KE9c Unleashed
KE11c Ancestor
KE10c Gravid
KE8b Corvette 2.png Iridium Horde Raiders Grand Commodore
The Horde use older Jump-2 vessels in raids against the independent Vardin worlds. They are undisciplined and poorly organised, but they are aggressive and enthusiastic. Individual ship captains collect the skulls of vanquished enemy leaders as trophies. Poor KE7b Virulent
KE8b Lancer
KJ400d Battleship 2.png Task Force
Defense Fleet Admiral
The Task Force is responsible for suppressing uprisings and crushing opposition. It is preparing defenses against the imminent "liberation" of Vardin Space. The unit has a reputation for heavy-handedness and brutality. Good KJ400d Scourge
KE10c Rapacious
KE10c Gravid
KE10c Escort.png The Forsaken Patrol Admiral Menguh The Forsaken patrol those worlds under Korsumug control. They consider themselves the forgotten heroes of the Fleet, conducting necessary operations far from the glory of the raiders. They are disciplined and well led but their morale is generally low. Average KE10c Rapacious
KE12c Sarash
KA25c Tanker.png Providers Support Commodore Zarkin The Providers operate alongside other units providing logistical support. They have a hard-won reputation for reliability, sticking with the combat units they support through thick and thin. The Commodore is a popular figure within the fleet, destined for high rank. Good KA25c Growler
KE10c Gravid
KA15c Glutton


Hoddin Fleet Headquarters[edit]

Hoddin is the headquarters for the fleet. As well as the main administrative complexes the HQ includes a large hospital, a military prison, research and development laboratories, and a number of private spaceport facilities. The structures are hardened against attack, are heavily guarded, and are protected by a large number of Planetary Defense sites.

  • The headquarters is separate from the systems naval base, mostly using surface facilities.
  • It includes a branch of the Naval Survey Office.

Hoddin Naval Base
Hoddin is primarily a logistical facility, holding large quantities of supplies, spares, and equipment. Its facilities are hardened against attack and are heavily defended.

  • It is separate from the Fleet HQ, mainly using orbital facilities.
  • The naval base includes thousands of tons of storage and warehousing space.
  • Hoddin has basic repair facilities.
Strategic Reserve
Marker Name Role Leader Remarks Quality Typical Ship Types
KA15c Glutton.png Hoddin Logistic
Support Commodore Angasta A reserve formation engaged in repairs, maintenance and training. Vessels cycle out of their units and transfer to the Hoddin Reserve: they remain a member until they are assigned back to active duty. The unit rarely sees action. Average KA15c Glutton
KE7b Virulent
KE2d Zerp.png Naval Survey
Support Prime Adjutant
A naval intelligence unit operating a variety of craft including scout vessels and transports. They are engaged in fleet-watching, espionage, and covert activities of all kinds. They host a number of small elite special forces units, largely made up of Jansa. Good KE2d Zerp
KA15c Glutton
KE7b Virulent

Felspar Naval Base[edit]

Felspar is the site of major naval construction yards that turn out large numbers of vessels per year. The site has a particularly high number of Jansa personnel and is the base for a number of capital ships, including at least one Scourge class battleship.

  • The navy controls a number of sites within the system.
  • Felspar has large repair facilities.
  • Its facilities are hardened against attack and are heavily defended.
Reserve Force
Marker Name Role Leader Remarks Quality Typical Ship Types
KJ300d Cruiser.png Felspar Defense
Defense Grand Commodore
A formation that specifically defends Felspar, one of the most important naval construction yards within the Korsumug Empire. The unit often sees action, protecting installations and sites from insurgents and against strikes originating from the Sorority of Hygiea. Average KJ120d Vermin
KJ300d Malign
KE10c Gravid


Fleet Admiral Karrak, Commanding Officer.

  • The "Butcher of Vardi".
  • The Admiral is a heavily built, battle-scarred veteran who habitually wears traditional armor. He is a field officer, leading from the front and inspiring his troops with his words and deeds. He is a shrewd tactician but has a volatile temper and occasionally makes rash decisions. He is known to have directly foiled at least two assassination attempts against his person.
  • The Admiral spends much of his time on active duty with Task Force Karrak in Vardin Space.

Prime Adjutant Ss'khaal, Second in Command.

  • The Adjutant is a Jansa. She is rarely seen in public.
  • She is a naval intelligence officer.
  • Ss'khaal is a skilled interrogator and has a reputation for cruelty.
  • She spends the majority of her time at Fleet Headquarters on Hoddin, overseeing logistics and supplies, performing administrative duties, and making long-term plans.
  • She has an elite and intensely loyal personal bodyguard unit who accompany her everywhere.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Glorious Triumph Fleet was formed in the 980s from various Korsumug forces located around Far Gand, an important naval base located in Shimmerskip Subsector of Mavuzog Sector. It was created with the intent of conquering Vardin Space, a then-independent region dominated by the Vardin lying in the spinward half of Mavuzog Sector.

Around 1000 the Fleet struck into Siridor Subsector and drove coreward towards Felspar, lying just across the border in Galaxa Subsector, finally conquering the system after a protracted attritional battle that resulted in a great deal of destruction and huge numbers of casualties. Within the next few years Vardi, the Vardin homeworld, had also been taken, and not long afterwards the rest of Vardin Space fell. Resistance to the occupation was continuous and fanatical and the Jaibok have found themselves embroiled in a generations-long insurgency determined to secure local autonomy.

Since then the Fleet has continued to occupy the area, conducting raids into enemy territory, defending against enemy strike forces, and patrolling the systems under its control. As well as fighting its enemies, factions within the fleet will occasionally "settle their differences" in full-blown battles involving dozens of ships.

Goals (Mission)[edit]

Resistance to Jaibok occupation within Siridor Subsector is continuous, with armed uprisings against Korsumug control receiving covert support, principally from the Sorority of Hygiea. The Fleet, acting on behalf of the Empire, defends against the insurgencies, keeps the peace, guarantees interstellar trade, and inflicts harsh reprisals against wrong-doers.

Fleet Admiral Karrak, the commander of the Fleet, is the Korsumug military governor.

  • The Glorious Triumph Fleet is the ultimate representative of Korsumug authority in the region.
  • The Fleet is charged with retaining control of its designated area and conducting offensive operations against enemies.
  • A significant proportion of the Jaibok forces within the region are heavily committed just holding down those parts under their domination.

Raiding, patrolling, defense, and support are ongoing, with frequent clashes between the various sides.

  • The fleet is preparing to defend the areas of Vardin Space that it controls against a likely invasion.

A diagram depicting the region of Siridor Subsector under Glorious Triumph Fleet control, as well as ongoing fleet operations.

Glorious Triumph Fleet.png
(Original image sourced from Traveller Map.)

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]


Raids are long-range missions against enemy worlds. Raiders generally jump into a remote part of an enemy-controlled system, assemble at a pre-arranged rendezvous, and carry out refuelling. Once sufficient ships are ready they accelerate to their intended target, launch their attack, and then jump clear of danger.

  • Raids are conducted to damage or destroy merchant shipping, to disrupt commerce and industry, and to reduce enemy forces.
  • Some raids may land troops to carry out specific missions. These soldiers often have little chance of survival.
  • Successful raids earn the Jaibok crews spectacular glory and reputation.




General Overview

Battle Honors

Notable actions

Sinister Acts

  • Mass executions of prisoners in occupied areas.
  • Enslavement of captives

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This fleet can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

World Listing[edit]

This fleet is stationed in the following systems and worlds:

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