Planetary Aerospace Defense

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A Planetary Aerospace Defense (PAD) system is a collection of ground based elements designed to protect a planet (or part of a planet) from a spacebourne attack.

  • It includes surface defense (atmospheric air defense) and Orbital Defence.
  • It is part of a COACC system.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

In general, the systems consist of an Air force, a collection of flight capable vehicles some of which are orbital capable to enagage the enemy. These forces are known as Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command (COACC) or just Aerospace Control Command (ACC).

DEW Planetary Defense Weapons & Equipment[edit]

DEW Air Defense Energy Artillery (ADEA)[edit]

  1. Meson Weaponry
    1. Deep Site Meson Weapon
    2. Meson Accelerator

DEW Point Defense Energy Artillery (PDEA)[edit]

  1. Point Defense Energy Artillery
    1. TBD

GUW Planetary Defense Weapons & Equipment[edit]

Antiship Missiles (AS)[edit]

  1. Planetary Defense Missile (PDM)
  2. Torpedo

GUW Guided Missile Artillery[edit]

  1. Cruise Missile
  2. ICBM
  3. Thunderball

GUW Point Defense Missile Artillery (PDMA)[edit]

  1. Point Defense Missile Artillery
    1. TBD
  2. SAM
    1. MANPAD
      1. Light Air Defense Missile
    2. Light SAM
    3. Medium SAM
    4. Heavy SAM
    5. Superheavy SAM

KEW Planetary Defense Weapons & Equipment[edit]

Conventional Air Defense Artillery (ADA)[edit]

  1. Tube Artillery
    1. Light AAA
    2. Medium AAA
    3. Heavy AAA
    4. Superheavy AAA

Conventional Point Defense Artillery (PDA)[edit]

  1. Point Defense Artillery
    1. TBD

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the Third Imperium era PAD was considered the last line of defense, used only if the enemy had defeated the naval forces and system defense boats.

Late Period History[edit]

During the Hard Times era, where starships became rarer and more difficult to obtain, military strategy moved more toward utilizing the ground based forces for their defense. And once the Collapse had destroyed almost all of the remaining starships, ground based systems were all that were left.

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