Power Projection: Fleet

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Power Projection: Fleet
Starship Miniatures Combat in the Far Future
Author Dom Mooney
Publisher BITS
Version Generic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 76
Year Published 2003
Canonical Yes
Available from RPGNow
ISBN 1-901228-32-0

Power Projection: Fleet is a BITS product.

  • It is a game book designed for Generic Traveller.
  • It is a tabletop game of starship combat.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Power Projection lets you run fast, exciting space battles and strategic conflicts between star-spanning empires. Power Projection combines the rich sci-fi universe of Marc Miller's Traveller and Ground Zero Games renowned Full Thrust space combat system.

This book includes:

Also included are sheets of counters for everything from starships and planetary gravity wells to sand caster clouds, nuclear detonations, a turning circle and movement markers ...

...so you can start playing Power Projection immediately

Power Projection: Fleet focuses on capital ships and campaign based combat. In addition to the secondary weapons seen in Power Projection: Escort, spinal mounts, black globes, fighter squadrons and planetary defences are detailed. Larger engagements are supported with a dice based quick statistical resolution system for dice rolls. There is a scenario engine, which allows you create double blind missions (where neither side knows the other's objectives). There is a campaign system built around a melding of the Fifth Frontier War engine with Trillion Credit Squadron.There are 25 ship designs and 6 types of fighter squadrons described covering both Imperial and Zhodani forces. Conversion rules are given to allow you to take any High Guard, MegaTraveller or Traveller T20 design and convert them to a Power Projection design. There are two pages of colour starship counters, plus two black and white counter pages.

Table of Contents[edit]

Power Projection: Fleet
Section Page/s
Introduction 3
Fleets and Task Forces 8
Ship Status Diagrams 10
Game Turns 13
Movement 13
Combat 20
Jump Drive Operations 35
Planets 37
Scenario Engine 40
The Strategic Game 44
Ship Conversion 56
Appendix - Star System Data 60

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Battle Rider
  2. Black Globe
  3. Carried Vessel
  4. Energy Weapon
  5. Fifth Frontier War
  6. Fighter
  7. Jump Drive
  8. Laser Weapon
  9. Meson Gun
  10. Missile
  11. Nuclear Damper
  12. Nuclear Weapon
  13. Orbital Defence
  14. Particle Accelerator
  15. Planetary Assault
  16. Planetary Defense
  17. Planetary Gravity Well
  18. Point Defense Weapon System
  19. Psionics
  20. Sand Caster
  21. Screen
  22. Smallcraft
  23. Spinal Mount
  24. Strategic Warfare
  25. Type FH class Heavy Fighter
  26. Type FL class Light Fighter
  27. Warship

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Selected Planetary Defense Equipment[edit]

  1. TBD

Selected Ships[edit]

Imperial Navy (Third Imperium):

  1. Atlantic class Heavy Cruiser
  2. Azhanti High Lightning class Frontier Cruiser
  3. Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser
  4. Chrysanthemum class Destroyer Escort
  5. Empress Troyhune class Planetoid Monitor
  6. Fer-de-lance class Destroyer Escort
  7. Ghalalk class Armored Cruiser
  8. Gionetti class Light Cruiser
  9. Kinunir class Battle Cruiser
  10. Kobe class Bulk Carrier
  11. Kokirrak class Dreadnought
  12. Midu Agashaam class Destroyer
  13. Nolikian class Battle Rider
  14. P. F. Sloan class Fleet Escort
  15. Plankwell class Dreadnought
  16. Skirmish class Light Carrier
  17. Tigress class Dreadnought
  18. Viper class System Defense Boat
  19. Wind class Strike Carrier

Zhodani Navy (Zhodani Consulate):

  1. Aatsdivr class Battle Tender
  2. Anzha class Battle Rider
  3. Chtierabl class Transport
  4. Driafria class Strike Carrier
  5. Iadiadlsiz class Fleet Tanker
  6. Idlev class Superbattleship
  7. Kefchenzh class Armored Cruiser
  8. Plokl class Escort
  9. Shianzpla class Battleship
  10. Shivva class Patrol Frigate
  11. Viepchakl class Battleship
  12. Vrapkenchkinj class Light Cruiser
  13. Zhdavidlits class Light Cruiser
  14. Zhdiak class Light Destroyer

Selected Ship Equipment[edit]

  1. Black Globe
  2. Energy Weapon
  3. Jump Drive
  4. Laser Weapon
  5. Meson Gun
  6. Missile
  7. Nuclear Damper
  8. Nuclear Weapon
  9. Particle Accelerator
  10. Point Defense Weapon System
  11. Sand Caster
  12. Screen
  13. Smallcraft
  14. Spinal Mount

Selected Smallcraft[edit]

Imperial Navy (Third Imperium):

  1. Heavy Fighter (FH)
    1. Sylea class Heavy Fighter
  2. Light Fighter (FL)
    1. Gnat class Light Fighter
    2. Rampart class Light Fighter

Zhodani Navy (Zhodani Consulate):

  1. Heavy Fighter (FH)
    1. Anzh class Heavy Fighter
    2. Kitl class Heavy Fighter
  2. Light Fighter (FL)
    1. Baql class Light Fighter

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Power Projection grew out of a fun demonstration game BITS ran at Gencon UK, with support from Ground Zero Games. The demo was a fleet engagement between Zhodani and Imperial ships using a conversion for GZG's fun Full Thrust starship miniatures game. We all had a lot of fun but it didn't feel quite like Traveller. Over the next 5 years we tinkered with the game at conventions until, in 2000, we realised we had a potential winner on our hands (after several people asked could they buy the game)! After getting GZG's blessing, the next 3 years saw a lot of hard work to pull together the core rules together. We released the small-scale quick play Escort rules in 2002, and followed these up with the campaign and capital-ship orientated Fleet in 2003. The game movement is a vector based system, with simultaneous movement and initiative based fire. High Guard, Battle Rider, Mayday and Full Thrust were the significant design influences.

The games are completely standalone, and have everything you need except dice and a ruler/tape measure in them. Power Projection has its own support site at Powerprojection.net and we are currently working on Power Projection: Reinforcements, a fleet book for the game.

Power Projection Game Series[edit]

  1. Power Projection: Lite (...turned into Escort)
  2. Power Projection: Escort (out of print)
  3. Power Projection: Fleet (in print)
  4. Power Projection: Reinforcements (future publication)

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Author Dominic Mooney
Editor Andy Lilly
Front Cover Jesse DeGraff
Illustrations Paul Lesack
Counters and SSDs Rob Prior, Jesse DeGraff, Dominic Mooney and Paul Lesack

External Link/s[edit]

Commentary & Data articles:

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: BITS Support Site for Power Projection



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