Deep Site Meson Weapon

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A Deep Site Meson Weapon is a buried Meson Accelerator capable of being fired through a planet's crust, making it highly damage resistant.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Deep site meson weapons have two weak points:

  1. The sensor network used to aim the weapon is vulnerable on the surface. While having multiple sites can reduce the vulnerability, a determined planetary bombardment will render the site blind.
  2. Second is the neutrino signature of the fusion power plant which powers the weapon. Large scale meson accelerators require large amounts of power, and the usual source is one or more fusion reactors. It is standard Imperial Navy tactical doctrine to target fusion power sources as a way of silencing these weapons.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

They are one of the most common defenses deployed as part of Planetary Aerospace Defense networks. As a result of their ability to fire through normal matter, Meson Accelerators are a favorite weapon of planetary defense forces throughout charted space. By burying a large meson weapon and support facilities deep below the surface, and connecting it via secure links to sensor sites scattered all over the planet, it creates a weapon which is virtually immune to counter-attack. In addition to being very difficult to detect, only another meson weapon can attack them, and a planetary meson gun is generally bigger than anything a starship can mount.

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