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Meson Technology is at the cutting edge of particle dynamics (Newtonian dynamics) and it is a key part of many key TL–12 technologies: weapons, shields, communications, nuclear dampers, and even future propulsion technologies.

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The term has its origin in the ancient Terran Greek language and was originally called a mesotron. The root of the word meso means "intermediate" and was named so because the particle's weight was predicted to be between an electron and a proton.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Mesons are subatomic particles with an extremely short life span, usually fractions of a second under many conditions. Understanding and manipulating mesons can be tremendously difficult and require very high technology. However, competent and controlled meson technology can reveal many very capable technological devices.

Mesons & Tachyons[edit]

What is the primary difference between a meson and a tachyon? A meson is ordinarily a STL particle while tachyons are popularly thought of as FTL particles.

  • Many Imperial researchers believe that better meson technology will lead to better tachyon technology making more capable jump drives possible.
  • Some futurists believe that tachyon technology may one day make FTL combat possible.

Applied Meson Technology[edit]

Meson Technology has been applied to a number of non-military civilian devices as well as their better known military counterparts. The Mesonotron, a home food preparation device, and the Meson Communicator are among the best known of these gadgets. Both the high science Udh Project and the Meson Rebellion involved meson subparticle research projects.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

While nearly all subatomic particles require a very competent grasp of electromagnetic sensors to detect, many scouts and technologists believe it can be done as early as TL-7, perhaps earlier.

Early Meson Laboratories & Research[edit]

The earliest meson research is typically done in a cottage laboratory with simple tabletop equipment. Unless a society possesses very capable miniaturization technology, further research requires very large particle accelerators, which are typically built underground for safety reasons.

In 1116, many Imperial Research Stations are probing meson technologies are trying to uncover yet more secrets of the atom and subparticle.

Weaponized Meson Technology[edit]

Meson Technology, once mastered, can produce some very potent offensive and defensive devices. The Gashukubi (Anglic: Gashukubi), also known as the Sabmiqys or Gya Ks, proved that to early Vilani explorers who were practically disintegrated from a distance by meson weaponry that bypassed the armor and screen technology of the time.

Today in early 1116, many scientists are feverishly researching the secrets of the meson trying to produce new devices to keep the Third Imperium safe from its foes. The meson gun or Meson Accelerator is a potent technology used on starships. The Deep Site Meson Weapon is the most advanced planetary defense weapon known to TL-15 science. Meson Screens protect many vital assets across Charted Space. A the Nuclear Damper and Damper Box are vital to defensive and logistical forces.

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