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Ade Stewart is a Traveller artist, author, contributor, and fan.

  • He also goes by the handles of Alagoric or Adie.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Ade is a resident of the UK and an old Traveller fan and contributor.

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

General Entries:

  1. Capital
  2. Distant Fringe
  3. Flare Star
  4. Right of Assassination
  5. Ships of the Distant Fringe

Equipment & Devices:

  1. Anti-Shipping Missile
  2. Landing Gear
  3. Ship Equipment
  4. UV Detector


  1. Alasim-Bright Memorial Hospital
  2. Crew
  3. Deep Sky Program
  4. Empty Stars
  5. Freelance Traveller
  6. Last Armada
  7. Spinward Survey
  8. University of Selasia
  9. University of Tal Varisa


  1. Metric
  2. Ton

Selected Creatures[edit]

  1. Batha Beast
  2. Brobdee
  3. Greyhump Camel
  4. Horvath's Pony
  5. Verant

Selected Ships[edit]

Ship Types:

  1. Fringian Bulk Carrier
  2. Fringian Bulk Freighter
  3. Fringian Cargo Barge
  4. Fringian Civilian Ship Transporter
  5. Fringian Commercial Courier
  6. Fringian Cruise Liner
  7. Fringian Executive Yacht
  8. Fringian Free Trader
  9. Fringian Fuel Lighter
  10. Fringian Heavy Carrier
  11. Fringian Heavy Freighter
  12. Fringian Heavy Tanker
  13. Fringian Interface Lander
  14. Fringian Light Corvette
  15. Fringian Light Freighter
  16. Fringian Light Merchant
  17. Fringian Long-Range Scout
  18. Fringian Medium Freighter
  19. Fringian Medium Tanker
  20. Fringian Mercantile Carrier
  21. Fringian Merchant Freighter
  22. Fringian Merchant Trader
  23. Fringian Military Ship Transporter
  24. Fringian Passenger Liner
  25. Fringian Provincial Carrier
  26. Fringian Provincial Freighter
  27. Fringian Range Carrier

Ship Classes:

  1. Aspirant class Provincial Carrier
  2. Baleen class Heavy Tanker
  3. Bluestone class Cargo Barge
  4. Brutus class Ship Transporter
  5. Codori Prime class Luxury Liner
  6. Colossus class Heavy Lander
  7. Connestoga class Heavy Carrier
  8. Consul class Provincial Trader
  9. Conveyor class Heavy Freighter
  10. Corporate class Range Carrier
  11. Cleaver class Close Escort
  12. Drakkon class System Defense Boat
  13. Elysium class Passenger Barge
  14. Empress class Bulk Carrier
  15. Endeavor class Ship Transporter
  16. Fat Jack class Bulk Freighter
  17. Fearless class Assault Transport
  18. Gaia class Luxury Liner
  19. Goliath class Provincial Freighter
  20. Hatchet class Close Escort
  21. Hercules class Commercial Tender
  22. High Liner class Bulk Freighter
  23. Jack Driscoll class Bulk Freighter
  24. Jasper class Provincial Merchant
  25. Malory Francis class Missile Corvette
  26. Mariner class Frame Carrier
  27. Marius class Ship Transporter
  28. Messenger class Commercial Courier
  29. Nimrod class Fuel Lighter
  30. Olympian class Cruise Liner
  31. Omicron class Interface Lander
  32. Orowani Deep Space class Commercial Tender
  33. Orowani Deep Space class Courier
  34. Orowani Deep Space class Heavy Tanker
  35. Orowani Deep Space class Light Liner
  36. Palatine class Merchant Trader
  37. Pegasus class Bulk Cargo Carrier
  38. Prosperity class Medium Freighter
  39. Provision class Medium Tanker
  40. Rysos class Battle Barge
  41. Sagacity class Bulk Freighter
  42. Samardin class Patrol Sloop
  43. Sirocco class Merchant Freighter
  44. Starblade class Executive Yacht
  45. Suluru class Mercantile Carrier
  46. Tachyon class Light Trader
  47. Treader class Free Trader
  48. Ulysses class Long-Range Scout
  49. Wanderer class Luxury Yacht
  50. Virtue class Light Freighter
  51. Wulf class Free Trader

Selected Smallcraft[edit]

Smallcraft Types:

  1. Fringian Armored Fighter
  2. Fringian Assault Shuttle
  3. Fringian Fast Shuttle
  4. Fringian Gig
  5. Fringian Heavy Fighter
  6. Fringian Heavy Lander
  7. Fringian Heavy Pinnace
  8. Fringian Interceptor
  9. Fringian Launch
  10. Fringian Lifeboat
  11. Fringian Light Fighter
  12. Fringian Pinnace
  13. Fringian Runabout
  14. Fringian Sensor Buoy
  15. Fringian Ship's Boat
  16. Fringian Shuttle
  17. Fringian Strike Fighter

Smallcraft Classes:

  1. Aethon class Heavy Fighter
  2. Apollo class Runabout
  3. Bulwark class Armored Fighter
  4. Carrus class Shuttle
  5. Caroline class Heavy Pinnace
  6. Cerebrus class Strike Fighter
  7. Colossus class Heavy Lander
  8. Comstar class Commo Satellite
  9. Constance class Launch
  10. Defiant class Light Fighter
  11. Deliverance class Lifeboat
  12. Esther class Armored Fighter
  13. Excellence class Fast Shuttle
  14. Firebolt class Heavy Fighter
  15. Gallant class Assault Shuttle
  16. Goblin class Gig
  17. Granite class Interceptor
  18. Marrel Veckor class Lifeboat
  19. Narva class Pinnace
  20. Razor class Strike Fighter
  21. Revenant class Light Fighter
  22. Sanctuary class Sensor Buoy
  23. Sentinel class Missile Platform
  24. Songbird class Ship's Boat
  25. Starfire class Strike Fighter
  26. Vanguard class Shuttle
  27. Vigilance class Interceptor

Selected Sophonts[edit]

  1. Acara
  2. Edur
  3. Esaran
  4. Hopper
  5. Jellyfish
  6. Kithenka
  7. Loon
  8. Meroquan
  9. Oquo
  10. Orokath
  11. Quemm
  12. Sath
  13. Squid
  14. Temelik
  15. Treehanger
  16. Ziadd

Selected Technology[edit]

  1. Artificial Gestation Unit (GenPod)
  2. DeVoss Drive
  3. Langstrom Drive

Selected Vehicles[edit]

Vehicle Types:

  1. Fringian Batha Cart
  2. Fringian Box Cart
  3. Fringian Buggy
  4. Fringian Chaise
  5. Fringian Chariot
  6. Fringian Dray
  7. Fringian Light Cart
  8. Fringian Open Cart
  9. Fringian Stagecoach

Vehicle Classes:

  1. TBD
  2. TBD

Image Repository[edit]

No information yet available.

Ade's To Do List[edit]

Last updated: 09-Sept-2019 CE

  1. Work on High Passage magazine research
  2. Continue to fill out biological typoid articles
  3. Research vehicle entries and data from all versions from CT Striker to MGH New Traveller...
  4. Art and deck plans/schematic for Pador class Dreadnought
  5. Create a graphic representation for Hummingbird class Courier
  6. Invent kinds of specific Business Charters for the Distant Fringe
  7. Chinese Mongolian Terran Vilani paradigm
  8. Waste Space and Secret Cargo Holds
  9. Working on Ship Agility article
  10. Upgrade article at Machinery
  11. Break apart semiotic symbols for Ship Equipment
  12. EVA
  13. Create image for Tobruk class Interface Interceptor
  14. Work on images for Imperium and Dark Nebula (game)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This person has been involved with Traveller in the following ways:

  • Artist
  • Author

Adie's ATU Settings[edit]

Welcome to the Empty Stars grand campaign setting. This consists of three distinct regions:

A vast wilderness filled with empty, unclaimed star systems. The probable location of lost settlements and unknown sophont species.
An empty wilderness filled with unexplored, unclaimed star systems, infused with the Mythology of Lon Beon.
Terran refugees from the Interstellar Wars still hiding from the vengeful Vilani Imperium.

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