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A Gig is a type of smallcraft found operating within the Distant Fringe region.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Within the Distant Fringe, a gig is usually identified as a general purpose utility smallcraft with a displacement of less than 30 dTons. Frequently they are substantially smaller, averaging around 10 dTons. Gigs most commonly serve as subcraft on a larger parent vessel and are typically housed within a specialized hangar.

  • While aboard a parent vessel and not active as flight crew, the gig's personnel may be assigned alternate duties such as service crew.

Gigs may also be encountered operating as in-system transports, ferrying personnel, supplies and equipment between outposts and settlements located on different worlds within a system.

Selected Example Ships[edit]

Smallcraft - Pinnace:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The convention of declaring a smallcraft of a certain displacement tonnage range as a gig is a matter of local tradition. In reality there is no discernible difference between a large gig and a small pinnace.

Image Repository[edit]

Assorted Small Craft.jpg
A variety of smallcraft commonly encountered within the Distant Fringe region.

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