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Distant Fringe sophont
Base Information
Classification Omnivore/gatherer
Status Minor Race
Locomotion Walker
Terrain Forest
Body Form
Confluence Non-humanoid
Bio-Identenoid Alien
Size 2.5 meters
Weight 170 kg
Languages Native Language
Social Structure Balkanization
Technological Epoch TL:0-3
Psionic potential Standard
Origin World
Homeworld location J'Lai Edur (Far Home 3222)
StarportE Frontier - no facilities
Size7 Medium (11,200 km, 0.70g - 0.94g)
Atmosphere8 Dense
Hydrographics7 Wet World 70%
Population9 High (6 billion)
Government7 Balkanization
Law5 Moderate Law (no concealable weapons)
Tech Level3 Pre-Industrial (basic science)
Primary Star G1 V M7 VI
Atmosphere Dense
Off-world presence No
Zoetic individuals Yes
Reference Distant Fringe
Canon No
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The Edur are a minor race native to J'Lai Edur (Far Home 3222), on the very trailing fringe of Far Home Sector in the Distant Fringe.


Edur evolved from social omnivores that spent much of their time foraging for food in the lush subtropical regions of their world. They are solid and powerful.

Image Repository[edit]

  1. Edur.


J'Lai Edur, the Edur homeworld, is the outer satellite of the large gas giant Pathesu, orbiting in the primary stars habitable zone. Despite its relatively small diameter it is a dense mineral-rich world with a surface gravity of close to 1G. The atmosphere is rated as Dense and around two thirds of the surface is covered in oceans of liquid water. There are two large equatorial continents (named Reemid and Jungo), a smaller northern polar continent (named Fless), and many large islands and archipelagos. The climate is generally temperate with surface temperatures averaging around 19ºC. There are small polar icecaps and the equatorial continents are hot and heavily forested. J'Lai Edur is classified as a garden world and is burgeoning with life.


Edur are omnivores native to rough terrain on their homeworld: their ecological niche is defined as "gatherer". They are endothermic walkers classified Asymmetrical N-TBS-AA-LL-N, with a bony skeleton, hemolymph internal fluids, and a hairy pelt. They breathe atmospheric oxygen, respirating via an airway connected to the mouth. They have a broad muscular torso supported by two short legs that function as a pair. Their bodies are non-symmetrical, with one side dominated by a “power” arm that makes up around a third of their weight. On the opposite side are two long thin manipulator arms located below a dome-shaped structure that contains the brain and the major sensory organs: Edur cannot bend at the waist and their manipulator arms are able to reach the ground. Edur have no distinctive natural weapons. They are covered in dense fur that varies in colour from pale grey to russet to dark brown. Size, pelt colouring and handedness denote different, often hostile, ethnic groups. Based on their profile: thick and oversize, the Edur stand around 2.5m tall and weigh around 170kg. The Edur's speed is rated as slow: maximum sustainable speed is 25kph. A typical Edur has a Stamina of 10.


  • Energy: V-16-RGB. Edur vision is very similar to that of humans.
  • Vibration: H-18-A383. Edur aural perception is slightly superior to that of humans. They can hear sounds at frequencies from about 16 Hz to 25,000 Hz.
  • Volatiles: S-0. (Anosmic). Edur possess no olfactory organs. They do, however, possess a sense of taste, enabling them to determine the chemical nature of ingested nutrients and avoid consuming toxins.
  • Matter: T-12-2 (superior to humans). The Edur's fur and skin is very sensitive to pressure and air movement, and exposed areas of skin, such as the hands, are particularly sensitive to texture.
  • Fields: A-0. Unaware.
  • Auras: P-04-2. Edur, if they focus hard, are able to perceive the bioelectrical fields naturally generated by living organisms. Some technological devices produce signatures that can simulate auras.


A baseline Edur has the following characteristic ranges:

  • Strength 6D (actual 12+4D)
  • Dexterity 2D
  • Stamina 3D
  • Intelligence 2D
  • Education 2D
  • Social 2D


Edur are rough terrain walkers, evolved to browse through woodlands, thickets and dense foliage in search of food. They are rated as Slow, with a typical moving speed of around 5 kph. Edur may trot for (Stamina x5) minutes at approximately 25 kph and are capable of briefly sprinting for (Stamina x5) seconds at speeds of up to 40 kph.


Dual gender

All Edur are female – males are small (typically massing around 25kg), semi-intelligent at best, and live within large wilderness reserves. Females seeking to have offspring make a journey into a reserve to find a suitable partner.

Life Stages[edit]

  • 0 Infant (Whelp): 2 years. Males reach full maturity.
  • 1 Child: 8 years.
  • 2 Adolescent: 12 years.
    • Career starts at age 22.
  • 3 Young adult: 4 terms (16 years).
  • 4 Adult: 4 terms (16 years).
  • 5 Peak: 2 terms (8 years).
    • Physical aging begins (62+ years). Maximum male lifespan.
  • 6 Midlife: 3 terms (12 years).
  • 7 Senior: 3 terms (12 years).
  • 8 Elder: 2 terms (8 years).
  • 9 Retirement: 2 terms (8 years).
    • Mental aging begins (102+ years).

Typical lifespan is around 116 years.

Diet and Trophics[edit]

Edur are defined as omnivore gatherers. They have a preference for roots and bulbs, fruit, leafy vegetation, insects and small game, and will happily spend hours at a time browsing for their favourite tidbits. They have no sense of flavour but can detect chemicals and compounds within their food, allowing them to avoid ingesting toxins. Edur meals generally take the form of a communal trough filled with all manner of produce, both cooked and raw, and occasionally still alive. They spend their time sifting through the trough in search of favoured morsels: Edur eat frequently and socially and use mealtimes as their point of social cohesion.

Psychology & Philosophy[edit]

Status and rank are important and Edur seem obsessed with their social position, endlessly politicking, squabbling, and forming petty alliances in order to further themselves. Edur are patient and reliable and like to have a clear plan to follow – they struggle with snap decisions. They come across as rather dour and stoical, even humourless, but they enjoy good relations with humans.

Primal Drives[edit]

Edur psychology is driven by factors common to many sophonts:

  • Acquisition (stemming from the need to gather adequate nutrition),
  • Preservation (derived from the need to continue their personal existence), and
  • Perpetuation (the ongoing urge to continue the species).


A number of other factors strongly influence the mental processes of the Edur:

Major Drives[edit]

  • Family: For Edur, family comes first, always. Their broader kith and kin, aunts and nieces and cousins, also tend to fall into into this broad category. Occasionally Edur will seek out a new group, forming bonds of friendship and eventually forming a small family group. Edur seek the best for their offspring and relatives. They uphold moral and ethical principles based on the sanctity of the family.
  • Dedication. Edur are purposeful, adamant, and outspoken. They are unwavering in their loyalty, either to a cause, to a group or to an individual, and are generally absolutely resolute in their intent.
  • Patience. Edur display long-term mental patience and tolerance. They are able to spend hours performing repetitive tasks without becoming bored or distracted. This is derived from their inclination to browse for nutrition, endlessly searching through undergrowth for vegetation, roots, berries, grubs, and other tasty morsels.
    • Obsessive:
  • Pragmatic: evaluating theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application.
    • Introspection. Edur can be brooding, introverted, and pensive. If their opinions or actions are called into question they can become inward-looking and given to doubt and self-analysis.

Minor Drives[edit]

  • Stoic, a life of virtue, where values are important and emotions are secondary. Always rationally assess a situation. Placid, cool, calm. Deliberate, rational. Pragmatic, of or relating to a practical point of view or practical considerations. Cynical, believing that beings are motivated purely by self-interest; distrustful of sincerity or integrity
  • Fatalistic. The belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable. Rather closed and stuck in the mud, not keen on learning or being open, not over-keen on new ideas, “nothing really matters." Take joy at the certainties of life. Unimaginative. Happy with the status quo.
  • Hierarchic, A hierarchical society involves two or more organisms working together to ensure their survival within a clearly defined stratified structure. In a hierarchical society, certain social positions and statuses have more prestige and importance than others. Extremely conscious of status.


Philosophy: Naturalism. Everything is natural. There is one level, the material world, with no spiritual aspect. All ideas, feelings, visions, and inspiration come from the physical workings of the brain. Everything in the world can be understood by understandable physical laws.

Theology: Atheism, (i.e. there is no God)

Ethics: Ethical relativism. Right and wrong is relative to the situation, to what’s happening. There is no absolute right and wrong.

Psychology: monistic self-actualization. You have the potential to become whatever you decide to become. You have to be in touch with what’s right for you at the given moment.

Society & Culture[edit]

  • Homogenity: 5 (Harmonious)
  • Acceptance: 8 (Friendly)
  • Strangeness: 8 (Unusual) The Edur are an alien culture with their own unique styles, customs and habits.
  • Symbols 4: (Familiar) A relatively uniform culture, similar in many respects to the human "norm".


6 billion, divided into three major racial groups:

  • Eloika Edur (61% of the population). Eloika are generally slightly larger and have a longer paler pelt. They predominantly have their power arm on their right side.
  • Shaluki Edur (28% of the population). Shaluki are generally slightly smaller and have a shorter, darker pelt. They predominantly have their power arm on their right side.
  • Kuluk Edur (11% of the population). (So-called Highland Edur). Kuluk are noticeably larger and have a longer pelt, notable for distinctive stripes. They predominantly have their power arm on their left side. Kulak are far more aggressive than other Edur.


The primary means of communication is through vocalisation.

A great many languages and dialects exist.

Social Organization[edit]

Edur live in close-knit family groups overseen by an elder matriarch.


Balkanisation. Competing rival nations.

  • The Eloika Edur are largely found on Reemid, the larger equatorial continent. They live in city-states that are generally dominated by a single powerful matriarch and her family. Each city-state specialises in a particular aspect of agriculture, mineral extraction or industrial activity and are linked by networks of roads.
  • The Shaluki Edur are dominant on Jungo, the smaller equatorial continent. They live in city-states that are generally ruled by an elected representative and band together to form loose confederations as need arises. Each city-state specialises in a particular aspect of agriculture, mineral extraction or industrial activity and are linked by road and railroad networks: the Shaluki are seafaring and have a strong maritime culture. The Shaluki are the most advanced of the Edur and are the most welcoming to outsiders.
  • The Kuluk Edur are generally found in the northern upland regions of Reemid, the larger equatorial continent. They live in small nomadic groups, travelling between seasonal territories, and generally have a tribal structure with complex inter-tribe interactions. They are hostile towards strangers and defend their lands vigorously. They are the least technologically advanced of the Edur.

Law and Justice[edit]

Generally moderate laws.

Uniformity of law:


Each Edur nation maintains military forces.

Interstellar Relations:[edit]

Generally good.

Technology & Trade[edit]

Technological Overview[edit]

Current Average Edur Technology: TL 3

  • Energy: 3 (Coal / Steam)
  • Computers: 2 (Algebra)
  • Communications: 2 (Printing press)
  • Medical: 4 (Vaccination, Antiseptics, Anesthetics)
  • Environment: 5 (Sealed/Conditioned Cities)
  • Land Transport: 3 (Extensive Road, High-Speed Coach)
  • Water Transport: 3 (Multi-Mast Sailing, Navigation)
  • Personal Weapons: 3 (Rifled Weapons)
  • Personal Armor: 3 (Jack Armour)
  • Heavy Weapons: 3 (Cannon)
  • Heavy Armor: 3 (Wood, Bronze, Iron, Crude Steel)

Technological Research[edit]

Edur are technologically backward, choosing to live their lives at pre-industrial levels of advancement. In their past they had an advanced spacefaring society.


  • Resources: B (Abundant)
  • Labor: 8 (Hundreds of millions)
  • Infrastructure: B (Very extensive)
  • Efficiency: +2 (Good)

History & Background[edit]


375 day year, 22.5 hour day.

Timeline of Historical Events[edit]

  • ca 350,000BCE Proto-Edur emerge on their homeworld.
  • ca 10,000BCE Edur establish a spacefaring civilisation.
  • ca 9700BCE Edur civilisation collapses.
  • ca 2270AD Humans first become aware of the Edur.
  • 2355AD First human-Edur contact

The Edur's mythology, particularly their references to ancient space-dwelling demons, may have influenced the choice of names for significant astrographic features in the region.

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