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The Aslan Clan is the primary cultural organization for Aslan sociopolitical expression.

  • While the clan is the primary vehicle for Aslan sociopolitical expression, Aslan typically group clans into larger supra-political organizations such as the Tlaukhu.
  • The Tlaukhu is the largest, most widespread and dominant of the Aslan supra-polities, but smaller institutions of widespread Aslan governance exist alongside the Tlaukhu.
  • Smaller regional groupings also exist such as the Ya’soisthea Council.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Clans can greatly vary in size from small groups of just a few dozen to groups many millions strong.

  • No Aslan authority keeps a complete count of all clans with the Hierate, but it is believed that over 4,000 exist.
  • Smaller clans, particularly those micro clans with less than a world in holdings are often not counted.
  • It's very possibly for clan status and ranking to quickly change during times of conflict.
  • And due to limitations of the speed of communications, news of clan status and ranking changes can take a long time to reach from one end of the Hierate to the other.
  • However, the Aslan clan system, for the most part has provided great stability for the Aslan Hierate.
  • Or, at the very least, the system has provided greater stability than existed before...

Aslan Clan Hierarchy[edit]

  1. Major clan in a Tlaukhu power bloc. (29) [8+ worlds] (AsT0 to AsT9)
    1. Please see table below for all twenty-nine members of the Tlaukhu.
  2. Major clan, unaffiliated and independent. (Many) [8+ worlds] (AsMw single multiple-world clan dominate)
    1. Aokhalte
    2. Aorlakht
    3. Ereyo
    4. Hkahaoseahe
    5. Hlaotiyoiho
    6. Htyowao
    7. Loakhtarl
    8. Taukhaotuar
    9. Tilrui
  3. Major clan, as a vassal to a Tlaukhu major clan. (Many) [8+ worlds] (AsTv vassal clan dominate)
    1. Aroaye'i
    2. Faowaou
    3. Foseakh
    4. Hlaia
    5. Hrasua
    6. Iyestea
    7. Keiouwyaouryakh
    8. Syoisius
    9. Uawairlew
    10. Wahtoi
    11. Yeasaol
    12. Zodia (AsTz: Zodia Colonies)
  4. Minor clan, as a vassal to a major clan. (Many) [2 to 7 worlds] (AsVc vassal clan dominate)
    1. Ahlaowyarl
    2. Ei'eihesei
    3. Eirakhtya
    4. Eriy'ayehli
    5. Esuaheakhahryoyulr
    6. Ftawsteaoihair
    7. Hreakhari
    8. Hweolriya
    9. Ikhtealyoko
    10. Khakhaiyr
    11. Oilroiekteahearl
    12. Ouawiyr
    13. Wahtoa
    14. Weferuta
    15. Yahloiri
  5. Minor clan, unaffiliated and independent. (Many) [1 to 7 worlds] (NaAs Non-Aligned Clan Dominate)
    1. Aeli
    2. Ahroay’if
    3. Ahyufirulushi
    4. Akafoiloh
    5. Aohalai
    6. Aorhtoi
    7. Arhiyao
    8. Ftahiluiru
    9. Hkaaiheir
    10. Hkastahistoti
    11. Hkeakeko
    12. Hkeoihyoa
    13. Hlearkhea
    14. Hlewela
    15. Hrakoea
    16. Iaki
    17. Iyoihoikyar
    18. Khotoa'ya
    19. Ktaih
    20. Kteahihur
    21. Oakhtai'yal
    22. Oihareael
    23. Okakhiwao
    24. Raas
    25. Raohkeil
    26. Resoi
    27. Seikh
    28. Stikeiwyasi
    29. Teralyah
    30. Tiykhisto
    31. Tlaiowaha
    32. Ukhaliha
    33. Yehaso
    34. Zdarlak
  6. Micro clan, at the world dominance level. (Many) [1 world] (AsWc single one-clan dominate)
    1. Sehaosti
    2. Starla'e
  7. Micro clan, on a split control world. (Many) [Less than 1 world] (AsSc split control)
    1. Eeakyo
    2. Feiftiusaea
    3. Ftoaliy'ktai
    4. H'kua
    5. Oakteiyetlaw
    6. Roaluahe
    7. Seiwaisaw
    8. Yeyuteil
  8. The "Unwanted", clanless Aslan. (Many) [Landless] (AsXX)

Clan World Holdings[edit]

  • Tlaukhu block: Group of at least one major clan, and usually 2 to 5 major clans, with all vassals and associated allies.
  • Major clan: 8 or more worlds
  • Minor clan: 2 to 7 worlds
  • Micro clan: 1 or less worlds

Imperial Aslan Clans[edit]

Please see AAB article Imperial Aslan for more information.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

As Aslan civilization grew, so did the complexity of its social organization. As early as the time of the Aslan Medieval Period, the Aslan Clan had become the dominant social institution. Increasing the social ties of the clan superceded what many other sophonts called nationalism. Honor-shame paradigms trumped conventional allegiances.

Clan Relationships[edit]

Clan relationships are traditionally judged in terms of dominance over one another:

  • Master (greater power)
  • Partner or Ally (roughly equal power)
  • Vassal (lesser power)

Social Organization[edit]

Social organization is traditionally organized in increasingly larger groupings based upon kinship bonds, debts of honor, and other contractual obligations:

  • Clan
  • Pride
  • Family


An Aslan Clan is composed of many prides, which is to say Aslan who have chosen to combine their fates. Partners.


An Aslan pride is composed of many families related by common history, fealty, and experience. Allies.


An Aslan family is composed of many genetically related individuals. Kin.

The 29 (Major Clans in Tlaukhu Blocs)[edit]

The largest political power blocs within the Aslan Hierate are the twenty-nine Aslan clans of the Tlaukhu:

Tlaukhu Ranking & Power Blocks
Clan Name Rank Bloc
Aiheilar 31 A3
Akatoiloh 22 A8
Aokhalte 12 A9
Eakhtiyho 05 A4
Eisohiyw 16 A0
Estoieie' 20 A1
Eteawyolei’ 13 A4
Faowaou 33 A6
Ferekhearl 23 A0
Fteweyeakh 27 A4
Hlyueawi 06 A5
Hrawoao 15 A0
Ikhtealyo 10 A7
Isoitiyro 17 A5
Iykyasea 21 A6
Khaukheairl 02 A1
Ouokhoi 32 A9
Riyhalaei 34 A3
Sahao’ 25 A9
Seieakh 11 A8
Syoisuis 03 A2
Tlerlearlyo 24 A7
Toaseilwi 26 A1
Tralyeaeawi 04 A3
Uiktawa 07 A6
We’okurir 35 A8
Yerlyaruiwo 01 A0
Yetahikh 30 A7
Yulraleh Eisohiyw 14 A3

Please note that the Aslan use a Base-8 system of mathematics so some of the numbers of a Base-10 numerical system are not used.

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