Alien - Solomani & Aslan

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Solomani & Aslan
SolomaniAslan 200.jpg
The Rimward Races
Author Peter G. CelellaJames Holden
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version MegaTraveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 104
Year Published 1991
Canonical No
Also See DGP
ISBN 1-879187-02-7 Stock #881

Alien - Solomani & Aslan is an alien source book written for MegaTraveller by Digest Group Publications product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Solomani: left behind by the Ancients - now rulers of humaniti's largest intact star empire ...

  • The Aslan: proud warrior race, rumored to have stolen jump drive from humans - yet no one can deny their prowess in controlling thousands of star systems ...
  • Immerse yourself in the rich details presented within these pages ...
  • Experience these aliens as you never have before!

Contents include for each alien race ...

  • Physiology: See technically accurate details of the race's body structure.
  • Psychology: Get inside the race's mind and find out how they think.
  • Detailed Starmaps: Study stamps of the race's home region, with all star system positions accurately shown.
  • Society and Culture: Find out how the alien race lives, and what makes their culture unique.
  • History Learn never-before-revealed details about the race's history, and how they got where they are today.
  • New Game Rules: Discover how you can confidently integrate the race into your MegaTraveller campaigns.
  • Sample Technology: See actual examples of the alien race's robots, vehicles, and starships.
  • Roleplaying examples: Gain new insights into roleplaying the race by studying the detailed play examples, hints, and tips presented inside.

Table of Contents[edit]

The Solomani[edit]

Alien - Solomani
Section Page/s
The Solomani 2
Terra: The Solomani Homeworld 5
Solomani Confederation 8
Solomani Society and Culture 12
The History of the Solomani People 19
Solomani: Referee's Section 27
Solomani Character Generation 29
Roleplaying Solomani 33
New Game Rules for Solomani 39
Solomani Craft Designs 42

The Aslan[edit]

Alien - Aslan
Section Page/s
The Aslan 43
Kusyu: The Aslan Homeworld 45
The Aslan Hierate 48
Aslan Society and Culture 53
The History of the Aslan Race 59
Aslan: Referee's Section 67
Aslan Character Generation 68
Roleplaying Aslan 78
New Game Rules for Aslan 86
Aslan Craft Designs 93
Dark Nebula Sector 99

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Aslan
  2. Aslan Hierate
  3. Dark Nebula Sector
  4. Solomani
  5. Solomani Confederation
  6. Solomani Rim Sector
  7. Terra

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

worlds data entries

Subsectors data entries

Library data entries

Selected Ships[edit]

  1. Eakhau class Trader [1]
  2. Ekawsiykua class Escort [2]
  3. Hkiyrerao class Surveyor [3]
  4. Hraye class Scout [4]
  5. Khtukhao class Clan Transport [5]
  6. Kteiroa class Seeker [6]
  7. Ktiyhui class Courier [7]
  8. Type SX class Fleet Courier [8]
    1. Marathon class Fleet Courier
  9. Type SA class Free Trader AKA Solomani Free Trader [9]
    1. Sundowner class Fleet Courier

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Solomani & Aslan is the second volume of the MegaTraveller Alien series, which expands upon and adds to previously published material.

  • It is a source book.

This was the second and last "MegaTraveller Alien" book published by DGP before they went out of business. According to its first page, three additional volumes were planned:

  1. Zhodani and Droyne: The Psionic Races
  2. K'Kree and Hiver: The Exotic Races
  3. Humans and Nonhumans: The Minor Races.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Design and Development Peter G. Celella and James Holden
Additional Design Bryan Borich, Timothy B. Brown, Clay Bush, Rob Caswell, Joe D. Fugate Sr., Allan Hopkins, Mike Jackson, J. Andrew Keith, William H. Keith, Jr., Matti P. Laakso, Michael R. Mikesh, Dennis Myers, Steven Eric Schwartz, Gary L. Thomas, Vaclav G. "Jim" Ujick
Special Thanks to J. Duncan Law-Green, Andrew Lloyd, Richard Marin, Rob Prior
Cover Artwork Dell Harris
Interior Artwork Rob Caswell, William Jordan, Blair Reynolds, Mike Vilardi

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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