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The Aslan Hierate has no Hierate-wide military organization. Rather, individual clans each maintain their own Clan Militaries to defend their own interests.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information yet available.

Mission (Goals)[edit]

Clan armed forces serve to facilitate the organized acquisition of additional territory by whatever means necessary for the clan and the fulfillment of the biological imperative. Internal competition and the need to garrison worlds within their borders is fortunately the main reason they have not over run the rest of explored space. No clan can afford to over extend themselves lest the other competitors sweep in to take what they can no longer hold. Offensive expansion is always the goal, any other operations are a means to that end.

Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

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Rank & Grade (Hierarchy)[edit]

Some of the organizational ranks and grades used by this force are included in the tables below. Note that males and females in many cases have different respective rank-titles for the same pay-grade in any given service, reflecting the rigid gender-distinction in Aslan culture regarding male versus female skills and occupations.

Aslan Mariner Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Commissioned Officers (Male / Female)
O9 » Fleet Sea Admiral / Fleet Chief of Staff
O8 » Sea Admiral / Chief of Staff
O7 » Captain / Senior Executive
O6 » Commandant / Executive
O5 » Lieutenant Commandant / Executive Lieutenant
O4 » Senior Lieutenant
O3 » Lieutenant
O2 » Junior Lieutenant
O1 » Ensign (Intendant)
O0 » Intendant (Sea Cadet)
Enlisted (Ratings) - (Both Genders)
E9 » Honored Chief Petty Officer
E8 » Chief Petty Officer
E7 » Honored Petty Officer
E6 » Veteran Petty Officer
E5 » Petty Officer
E4 » Honored Mariner
E3 » Veteran Mariner
E2 » Mariner
E1 » Mariner Recruit
E0 » Mariner Recruit
Aslan Aerospace Force Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Commissioned Officers (Male / Female)
O9 » Air Marshal / Corps Chief of Staff
O8 » Air Vice-Marshal / Division Chief of Staff
O7 » Group Commandant / Senior Group Executive
O6 » Group Leader / Group Executive
O5 » Wing Leader / Executive
O4 » Squadron Leader
O3 » Flight Commandant
O2 » Senior Pilot
O1 » Pilot
O0 » Intendant (Flight Cadet)
Enlisted (Warriors) - (Male / Female)
E9 » Hon. Air Warrior Leader / Hon. Master Technician
E8 » Leader of Clansmen / Master Technician
E7 » Leader of Air Warriors / Senior Technician
E6 » Chief Honored Air Warrior / Warsister
E5 » Honored Air Warrior / Warsister
E4 » Veteran Air Warrior / Warsister
E3 » Air Warrior / Warsister
E2 » Veteran Flyer / Blooded Flyer-Technician
E1 » Flyer / Flyer-Technician
E0 » Flyer Recruit / Flyer-Technician Recruit
Aslan Ground Force Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Commissioned Officers (Male / Female)
O9 » Clan (Field) Marshal
O8 » General / Chief of Staff
O7 » Corps General / Corps Chief of Staff
O6 » Division General / Division Chief of Staff
O5 » Senior Commandant / Senior Executive
O4 » Commandant / Executive
O3 » Captain
O2 » Lieutenant
O1 » Junior Lieutenant
O0 » Intendant (Cadet)
Enlisted (Warriors) - (Male / Female)
E9 » Honored Warrior Leader / Hon. Master Technician
E8 » Leader of Clansmen / Master Technician
E7 » Leader of Warriors / Senior Technician
E6 » Chief Honored Warrior / Warsister
E5 » Honored Warrior / Warsister
E4 » Veteran Warrior / Warsister
E3 » Warrior / Warsister
E2 » Veteran Soldier / Blooded Soldier-Technician
E1 » Soldier / Soldier-Technician
E0 » Soldier Recruit / Soldier-Technician Recruit


History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

TO&E (Organization)[edit]

Combined arms regiments are typical units for several clan militaries. These regiments are provided with a battle transport which helps the unit fight its way to the surface. Close support fighters and heavily armed and armored TL–14 grav vehicles are integrated to the squad level. These units have high morale and high initiative officers who favor bold aggressive attacks, and feints combined with long range strikes.

Ground Forces Composition[edit]

No information yet available.

Selected Vehicle Classes[edit]

Some vehicle classes widely used within Aslan Space include:

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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