GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 2

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Alien Races 2
Aslan, K'kree and Other races rimward of the Imperium
Author Andy SlackDavid ThomasDavid L. Pulver
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Version GURPS Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 144
Year Published 1999
Canonical Yes
ISBN 1-55634-392-2 Stock #6607

GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 2 is a Steve Jackson Games product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Aslan want your planet ...

The warrior Aslan revere honor and glory; their traders and mercenaries are found throughout the Spinward Marches and the Solomani Sphere. Their wanderlust and combative nature make them well-suited to adventuring, while their habit of blatantly grabbing land when no one is looking makes them good recurring foes in a campaign.

The K'kree want to kill you...

The militant vegetarian K'kree are driven by their faith to rid the universe of all meat-eaters. Players may join this effort, fight against it, or simply try to make a living while amidst the crusade. The K'kree are constantly clashing with the Vargr, and keep an uneasy peace along their borders with the Hivers and the various human states in the region.

Good thing they don't get along.

The biology, home worlds, culture and society of the fierce Aslan and the centauroid K'kree are examined in detail. Alien Races 2 covers their historical involvement with the Imperium, from first contact to the present, and supplies racial templates, rules for playing alien characters, and examples of unique technologies and ship designs.

Two new minor races are also presented here:

  1. The Inyx, a race of aquatic parasites who absorb bio-electrical energy from their whale-sized hosts.
  2. The Devi Intelligence, comprising two forms: the Intellects, sentient fungi who resemble colonies of giant toadstools, and their predatory spores, the Shiverbats.

Table of Contents[edit]

GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 2
Section Page/s
Introduction 4
1. The Aslan 5
2. The K'kree 64
3. The Devi Intelligence 135
4. The Inyx 135
Index 143

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Aslan
  2. Devi Intelligence
    1. Devi Intellect
    2. Devi Shiverbat
  3. K'kree
  4. Inyx

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Selected Ships[edit]

Largecraft & Bigcraft:

  1. Aositaoh class Cruiser
  2. Eakhau class Trader
  3. Ekawsiykua class Escort
  4. Hkiyrerao class Research Ship
  5. Hraye class Scout
  6. Hraye II class Multimission Scout
  7. Ihatei class Transport
  8. Khtukhao class Clan Transport
  9. Kteiroa class Seeker
  10. Ktiyhui class Courier
  11. Taorl class Riftliner
  12. Weakhto class Cruiser

Selected Smallcraft[edit]


  1. TBD

Selected Vehicles[edit]


  1. TBD

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

It is the second book in the GURPS Traveller Alien Races series, Alien Races 2: Aslan and K'kree addresses the biology, home worlds, culture, and society of the fierce Aslan, the centaurian K'kree, and two minor species. It details their historical involvement with the Imperium, from first contact to present, and presents racial templates, rules for playing alien characters, and examples of unique technologies and ship designs.

GURPS Traveller: Alien Races Series[edit]

The GURPS Traveller: Alien Races Series produced at least four canon volumes:

  1. GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 1: Zhodani & Vargr
  2. GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 2: Aslan & K'kree
  3. GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 3: Droyne & Hiver
  4. GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 4: Minor Races
  5. GURPS Traveller: Humaniti: Humaniti, Major & Minor

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Author Andrew Slack, David Thomas, and David Pulver
Editor Monica Stephens and Gene Seabolt
Cover Doug Shuler
Illustrations Glenn Christophersen, Glenn Grant, and Jason Walton

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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