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Type Spices
Tech Level TL–0
Cost Cr10
Size 3.0 g
Weight 3.0 g
Also see Narcotic

Dustspice (Fteahrao) is a rare euphoric spice used for seasoning food, especially fruit. Harvested from the bark of the geki bush, a desert scrub-plant native to Romar (Spinward Marches 2140), this seasoning is popular with humans as a mild recreational spice with effects slighter than, but similar to, alcohol. Certain non-human races (notably Aslan and Vargr) find dustspice a much more powerful euphoric; it is in constant demand by those peoples.

Taste and effect varies with growing conditions and the dustspice from different worlds vary considerably in value. Dustspice from Romar is especially valuable to the Aslan. Among worlds other than Romar that are known for producing dustspice are Keanou (Spinward Marches 2411).

The Aslan introduced this rare spice to Humaniti; it causes a mild state of euphoria in its users. A variant, commonly called neo-dustspice, was recently created by accidental exposure to certain microbes found in the tainted atmosphere of Zugrora (1914 Lishun). It produces not only euphoria, but also a neurochemical imbalance in mammalian bodies that causes mild cravings. Imperial authorities have been studying the possibility of classifying neo-dustspice as a banned substance.

In 336, the pleasant taste and mild euphoric effect of the bark of the Geki Bush was noted by a Scout expedition to Romar (Spinward Marches 2140), which eventually led to the Dustspice Wars.

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