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The Glorious Empire is an Aslan separatist state centered in Goertel Subsector of the Trojan Reach.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
Glorious Empire Pre-Imperial (did not exist) No standard code None
Glorious Empire 1st Survey (300) GE (in updates after 650; did not exist at the time of the First Survey) 2-ltr code None
Glorious Empire 2nd Survey (1065) GlEm 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Although dominated by Aslan, about one-third of the Empire's population is human.

  • Humans provide cheap labor, while Aslans enjoy government and professional positions.
  • Outsiders find the Empire's society more oppressive than glorious - a state run through forced subservience and aggression.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Glorious Empire was founded by the Tokouea'we Clan in 650 upon worlds the Clan had previously conquered while part of the Aslan Heirate ihatei migration across the Great Rift and into Trojan Reach Sector. The Empire continued to expand militarily. By the 900s, a lack of resources forced expansion to a halt, but by then the Empire had grown to embrace many worlds, though not always permanently. The Empire gained and lost worlds along its frontiers in wars or summary invasions conducted between the Empire, other Aslan clans, and the Florian League. By the 900s the losses to other Aslan clans and the strain on their core world resources were too much to sustain further expansion, and the Glorious Empire stabilized at thirteen worlds, including the capital at Syoakh. The Empire would keep its borders stable for over a century, though commerce raids into Heirate systems and slave raids into Human-held systems would continue.

Rebellion Era[edit]

During the Rebellion, freshly reinforced Aslan ihatei forces captured new worlds throughout the Trojan Reach, completely encircling the Empire. The Imperium objected to the capture of its worlds further trailing, but with no love lost between the Imperium and the Glorious Empire, minor clans began to peck at the Empire, capturing three worlds between 1117 and 1119.

In 1119, the major clans of the sector turned to the Empire and began a full-fledged attack. By the end of the year, the Glorious Empire had been completely destroyed. Htourlao was in the hands of the human slaves, and Syoakh, the Empire's former capital, was a bombed-out radioactive cinder.

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

The Glorious Empire has a government system based largely upon that of the Aslan Hierate.

  • Families band together to form prides, which bond together as a clan.
  • The Empire has only one clan, however, so the entire state is under one coherent government.


The supreme head of the Glorious Empire is the Grand Emperor.

  • The first Emperor was the head of the clan, and later Emperors have been chosen in a unique manner: trial by combat.
  • Combat is to the death, and may only be attempted by a pride head.


The inhabitants of the Glorious Empire are 65% Aslan and 35% Human. Aslans form the upper and middle classes, while humans comprise the main labour force, with status little better than slaves.


All citizens of the Empire behave as Aslan, though they are extremely aggressive and touchy even by Aslan standards. The Aslan Heirate practice of Tolerance is nonexistent.

Humans in the Empire behave in a similar manner, though they are constantly subservient to their Aslan masters. They look down upon humans outside the Empire, seeing them as weak and dishonourable.

Citizens of the Glorious Empire are rarely encountered outside their state except as pirates and slave-takers, though some periods of relative peace have seen mercantile activity involving other local Aslan.

Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

At its technological peak, the Glorious Empire was entertaining a widespread updating of its worlds to match typical Aslan standards at TL14, but only one world, Htourlao had attained that goal. The rest of the Empire remained a stolid TL12 or less.

The internal economy of the Glorious Empire is powered by what amounts to slave labor, and the Aslan of the Empire regularly need to replenish their human slave population.

No further information yet available.

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

The Empire maintains a navy and army across its entire history, and each world is held under tight control.

  • Aslan listings give most worlds type K governments.
  • Imperial listings give type 6 (captive government) or type 9 (impersonal bureaucracy).
  • Society is generally oppressive and law levels are high.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

The Glorious Empire is rated as an Amber Zone by the Travellers' Aid Society. This polity can be primarily found in the following areas, as of 1105:
Charted Space:

World Listing: 1116[edit]

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