Mongoose 2nd: The Pirates of Drinax

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The Pirates of Drinax
Pirates-Drinix-NT-Cover 16-Sept-2019a.jpg
Author Gareth Hanrahan
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Version Mongoose 2nd
Edition 2nd
Format Book (hardback)
Language English
Pages 596
Year Published 2017
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG, Mongoose
Also See The Pirates of Drinax
ISBN 978-1-908460-61-5

Mongoose 2nd: The Pirates of Drinax is a Mongoose Publishinga source book written for Mongoose 2nd. It is a reprint and update of the original The Pirates of Drinax.

Possibly the best campaign ever published…

A truly massive Traveller sandbox, the Pirates of Drinax is packed with enough adventures and source material to keep even the most dedicated group going for years!

In the Pirates of Drinax, the Travellers play a band of adventurers entrusted by the King of Drinax with a letter of marque, permitting them to prey on ‘illegal’ trade within the borders of the vanished kingdom. The King hopes this piracy will give him the leverage he needs to restore Drinax to its former glory, and intends for the Travellers to win back all the planets lost over the last two centuries – but the King’s plans are just the starting point for this campaign.

Once the Travellers have their letter of marque and ship, it’s up to them what to do next. Will they stay loyal to their patron and help restore Drinax? Will they turn rogue and create their own kingdom? Will they be heroes or monsters, pirates or privateers? Will they make their fortune amid the pitiless stars, or will the cold depths of the Trojan Reach be their grave?

The Pirates of Drinax contains three books and a poster:

The three books that form The Pirates of Drinax contain a full campaign, the Trojan Reach sector, rules and source material introducing the ferocious but noble Aslan, and many new ships unique to the Reach, along with a giant poster map featuring the Trojan Reach sector, the Floating Palace of Drinax, and the Harrier-class commerce raider.

The Pirates of Drinax truly has everything you need to run an action-packed Traveller campaign.


Gareth Hanrahan
Matthew Sprange
Layout and Graphic Design
Amy Perrett, Sandrine Thirache
Interior Illustrations
Alexandre Honoré, Andoni Fernandez, Matthias Kinnigkeit, Shen Fei, Álvaro Nebot, Takashi Tan, Anderson Maia, Amy Perret, Tomislav Tikulin, Vasburg, Michael Rookard, Sandrine Thirache, Jon Torres

Table of Contents[edit]

New Traveller: The Pirates of Drinax
Section Page/s
Introduction 2
Campaign Overview 3
Running the Pirates of Drinax 7
A pirate's life for me 9
Pirates of Drinax: Honour among thieves 25
Treasure Ship 51
Ihatei! 77
The demon's eye 98
The treasures of Sindal 120
The game of sun and shadow 145
The Vorito Gambit 171
The prodigal outcast 196
Blood of the star dragon 222
Finale 244
Patrons and Opportunties 263
Appendixes 269
Indexes 278

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