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The K'kree Armed Forces is a combination of what other races might call the Two Thousand Worlds Army and Two Thousand Worlds Navy.

  • The K'kree are far more collectivist in psychology than most of the other Major Races and don't find it useful to separate their armed forces.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Every male K'kree must serve a term in the military upon coming of age. Warriors are drawn from all castes; rank in the military is determined by the caste of origin (nobles enter the service as general officer trainees, merchants as lower officers and noncommissioned officers, etc.). Upon completing the required term of service, a warrior returns to his original caste and position. Warriors are the only K'kree permitted to bear weapons, and they are further distinguished by their peculiar flared and horned helmets. They serve as soldiers, police, firefighters, and bodyguards for diplomatic and mercantile expeditions.

  • Due to K'kree claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) and agoraphilia (love of large, open places), K'kree design massive military vehicles and starships with large crews. One-man fighters are near unheard of in K'kree military circles and any K'kree willing to operate a vehicle alone would be considered insane.
  • The K'kree military is not professional or aggressive in a manner familiar to other sophonts. Instead of advancing a military career as a form of glory, they treat it more as a form of public service. A better understanding of the K'kree military would be to think of them as pest-exterminators. When they take to battle they do so to kill all the enemy, not merely to force them from a position or improve a negotiating position.
  • K'kree military strategy favors large, coordinated military maneuvers making decisive encirclement movements. In ancient Terran terms their preferred battle form would be the Kesselschlacht, or 'cauldron battle' where the enemy are surrounded and then systematically exterminated. K'kree don't operate in penny piecemeal military formations. When unable to coordinate a complete encirclement the K'kree often resort to heavy attacks in restricted areas (a supported charge on a narrow front) designed to penetrate an enemy defensive line with the goal of causing the enemy to fall back. This retreat is then mercilessly punished.
  • The K'kree have fought one war with another Major Race the Hivers see Hiver-K'kree War.

Image Repository[edit]

Combatant Largecraft & Bigcraft[edit]

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Non-combatant & Paramilitary Largecraft & Bigcraft[edit]

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Combatant & Noncombatant Smallcraft[edit]

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Mission (Goals)[edit]

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Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

K'kree military strategy favors large, coordinated military maneuvers making decisive pincer or crushing charge movements. K'kree don't operate in penny piecemeal military formations; K'kree don't use hammers, they use massive lines of sledgehammers. Modern K'kree military strategy bears strong similarities to Terran military strategy developed during the age of equine cavalry.

Rank & Grade (Hierarchy)[edit]

Some of the organizational ranks and grades used by this force include:

K'kree Military Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Servant Caste - Ranks
R12 » Staff Sergeant
R11 » Field Sergeant
R10 » Sergeant-Commander
R9 » Sergeant-Leader
R8 » Sergeant
R7 » Sergeant-Junior
R6 » Corporal-Senior
R5 » Corporal
R4 » Corporal-Junior
R3 » Private-Senior
R2 » Private
R1 » Recruit
K'kree Military Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Well-Born Caste - Ranks
(Warrant/Senior NCOs & Junior Officers)
R12 » Major
R11 » Captain-Senior
R10 » Captain
R9 » Lieutenant-Senior
R8 » Lieutenant
R7 » Lieutenant-Junior
R6 » Senior Specialist
R5 » Junior Specialist
R4 » Staff Sergeant
R3 » Field Sergeant
R2 » Sergeant-Commander
R1 » Recruit
K'kree Military Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Noble Caste - Ranks
(Senior Commissioned Officers)
R12 » Marshal
R11 » Staff General
R10 » Field General
R9 » General-Commander
R8 » General-Leader
R7 » General
R6 » Briagdier-Senior
R5 » Briagdier
R4 » Colonel-Senior
R3 » Colonel
R2 » Colonel-Subordinate
R1 » Recruit
K'kree Naval Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Servant Caste - Ranks
(Enlisted/Ratings & Petty Officers)
R12 » Master-Leader
R11 » Master-Senior
R10 » Master
R9 » Master-Junior
R8 » Chief Hand - Leader
R7 » Chief Hand - Senior
R6 » Chief Hand
R5 » Chief Hand - Junior
R4 » Hand - Leader
R3 » Hand - Senior
R2 » Hand
R1 » Recruit
K'kree Naval Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Well-Born Caste - Ranks
(Warrant & Junior Officers)
R12 » Lieutenant Commander
R11 » Lieutenant-Senior
R10 » Lieutenant
R9 » Lieutenant-Junior
R8 » Ensign-Senior
R7 » Ensign
R6 » Master-Commander
R5 » Master-Leader
R4 » Master-Senior
R3 » Master
R2 » Master-Junior
R1 » Recruit
K'kree Naval Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Noble Caste - Ranks
(Senior Commissioned Officers)
R12 » Fleet Marshal
R11 » Fleet Admiral
R10 » Squadron-Admiral
R9 » Squadron-Captain-Senior
R8 » Squadron-Captain
R7 » Ship-Captain-Senior
R6 » Ship-Captain
R5 » Ship-Captain-Junior
R4 » Ship-Commander
R3 » Commander-Senior
R2 » Commander
R1 » Recruit

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

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TO&E (Organization)[edit]

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Fleet Composition[edit]

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Selected Ship Classes[edit]

Some ship classes widely used within the systems and worlds of the K'kree Space include:

  1. Gzong!xk class Battlecruiser
  2. Kahk'rik'kreng class Yacht
  3. Kirunika'rra class Battleship
  4. Rr'xighik'ker class Frigiate
  5. Uxkoong class Frigate
  6. Xeekr'kir! class Merchant
  7. Xeng Kirr class Space Ark
  8. Xing!kir class Light Cruiser

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This navy primarily operates in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

This navy is known to regularly operate within the following systems and worlds:

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