Uxkoong class Frigate

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Uxkoong class Frigate
Type: EF Frigate
Size 7,500 Tons
Hull Configuration [[{{{hull}}}]]
Tech Level TL–13
Jump J-3
Maneuver 1 G
Hardpoints 75
Staterooms 0
Crew 69 with 8 Security
High/Mid Passengers 0
Cargo 141.0 Tons
Fuel tank 0 Tons
Origin K'kree
Architect {{{architect}}}
Cost MCr4,572.634
Qty: MCr 3,658.107
Canon Unpublished, non-canon design

The Uxkoong class Frigate is a smaller warship that is used to patrol the borders of the Two Thousand Worlds.

  • (GTL10)
Crew: 5 bridge crew, 29 engineers, 22 gunners
Passengers: 15 independent passengers
7,500 SL, DR 3000 (DR 1500 on weapons), PD 4, 4 Large

Missile Bays (Heavy), 5 Triple 90 MJ PD Laser Turrets, 10 Single 810 MJ Laser Turrets, 2 29 GJ Particle Bays, 4 Nuclear Dampers, 38 Meson Screens (DR 5000), Basic Stealth, Basic Emission Cloaking, Hardened Command Bridge, Enhanced

Communicator, Enhanced Sensor, Electronic Warfare Suite,
Engineering, 300 Jump, 1000 Maneuver, 2,250 Fuel, 15
Utility, Pasture for 71-142 K’kree, 22.5 Cargo
Communicator Range Radio Maser Laser Meson
Command Bridge: 8,000,000 km — 16,000,000 km 160,000 km
Enhanced Commo: 8,000,000 km80,000,000 km16,000,000 km1,600,000 km
Sensor Range/Scan PESA AESA Radscanner
Command Bridge: 720,000 km/39 2,400,000 km/42 48,000 km/32
Enhanced Sensor: 3,200,000 km/43 7,200,000 km/45 320,000 km/37
Weapon Type Acc Damage 1/2D Rng Max Rng RoF

90 MJ X-Ray Laser Imp 30 5d x 30(2) 16,480 km 49,440 km 1/8 810 MJ X-Ray Laser Imp 33 6d x 75(2) 40,000 km 120,000 km 1/60 29 GJ PAW Bay Imp 34 5d x 2,700 35,040 km 105,120 km 1/60

Statistics: EMass 30,017.2 tonnes, LMass 36,241.5 tonnes,
Cost: 2,264.03 MCr (MCr3,344.03 fitted out), HP: 217,235,

HT: 12, Size Mod: +11

Performance: Accel: 1.0 G (1.2 G empty, 1.0 G overloaded),

Jump 3, 6,998 km/h (atmospheric), 19,793 km/h (skimming)

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Military Vessel - Escort - Frigate:

  1. Type EF class Frigate
    1. Accel class Light Frigate
    2. Chaiik class Frigate
    3. Dead Sun class Frigate
    4. Draper class Frigate
    5. Ghost class Frigate
    6. Hazard class Frigate
    7. Idris class Frigate
    8. KE11 Ancestor class Frigate
    9. Kinunir class Vanguard Cruiser
    10. Krivak class Frigate
    11. Last Armada class Fast Escort
    12. Leedos class Frigate
    13. Mangle class Frigate
    14. Maurus class Frigate
    15. Montgomery class Frigate
    16. Musuna class Frigate
    17. Naga class Frigate
    18. Nevato class Frigate
    19. Nonsuch class Patrol Frigate
    20. Nowa Sol class Frigate
    21. Oorlog Jacht class Frigate
    22. Pilum class Frigate
    23. Plasma Storm class Frigate
    24. Revenge War Sloop class Corvette
    25. Rr'xighik'ker class Frigate
    26. S-17r class Frigate
    27. Sardis class Frigate
    28. Se Koez class Frigate
    29. Surprise class Light Frigate
    30. Taranil class Patrol Frigate
    31. TC10 Kalsop class Frigate
    32. Type 053H Xiamen class Frigate
    33. Type G class Frigate
    34. Type VF class Frigate
    35. Uxkoong class Frigate
    36. Yubari class Frigate

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