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Vargr Navy, Corsairs & Raiders are the primary starship-based forces found throughout the Vargr Extents.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Image Repository[edit]

Combatant Largecraft & Bigcraft[edit]

  1. The Aek Naz class Battlecruiser is a sturdy, utilitarian design built by the Vargr for hard combat.
    Aek-Naz-Battlecruiser-MT-RESIZE-T-Peters-Rebellion-pg-78 10-Sept-2019b.jpg
  2. A schematic side view and basic performance data for a Aenoegrr class Strike Cruiser.
    Aenogr-class-2019-09-15 040046.jpg
  3. A Foghoks class Heavy Cruiser under high velocity in deep space.
    Foghoks-Hvy-Cruiser-MT-RESIZE-T-Peters-Rebellion-pg-79 10-Sept-2019b.jpg
  4. The Oegveng class Gunned Corvette is a Vargr very light combatant known for having a dangerous punch.
    Oegveng-CT-RESIZE-TD-7-J-Fugate 14-Oct-2019b.jpg

Non-combatant & Paramilitary Largecraft & Bigcraft[edit]

  1. Several Rrazaaghz class Corsairs working in unison.
    Type VP Corsair.png.
  2. Old fashioned sketch from a crew of a Sixth Horizon-class vessel.
    The Sixth Horizon.jpg
  3. The Tathoe class Scout/Courier, one of the most common courier ships within the Vargr Extents.
    Tahoe-Courier-MGT- Marco-Morte-RESIZE-pg-73 26-Sept-2019b.jpg
  4. Ship computer image of a stock Vraktagh 6H-class before being reengineered at Lunion (world).
    Sixth-Horizon-Scout-Pakkrat 07-June-2019a.png

Combatant & Noncombatant Smallcraft[edit]

  1. TBD

Goals (Mission)[edit]

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Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

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Rank & Grade (Hierarchy)[edit]

(Note: The rank names in the accompanying tables are common Anglic renderings, but the actual Vargr-language terms may vary widely based on individual worlds' and polities' cultures, traditions, and language dialects. As a result, most Imperial observers use familiar rank-names and terms such as those in the accompanying tables to render approximately corresponding Vargr rank-levels).

Vargr general.png
Vargr Naval Ranks (Examples)
(Approximate Translations)
R15 (O9) » Fleet Admiral (Grand Fleet Overleader)
R14 (O8) » Rear Admiral (Fleet Overleader)
R13 (O7) » Commodore (Fleet Leader)
R12 (O6) » Captain 1st Rank (Fleet Captain) / Group Leader
R11 (O5) » Captain 2nd Rank (Frigate Captain) / Force Leader
R10 (O4) » Captain 3rd Rank (Corvette Captain)
R9 (O3) » Captain-Lieutenant
R8 (O2) » Lieutenant
R7 (O1) » Sub-Lieutenant / Ensign
R6 (E6) » Senior CPO (Warrant Officer)
R5 (E5) » Chief Petty Officer
R4 (E4) » Petty Officer (1st & 2nd Class)
R3 (E3) » Leading Spacehand / Senior Hand
R2 (E2) » Able Spacehand / Hand
R1 (E1) » Spacehand Apprentice / Junior Hand
R0 » Spacehand Recruit
Vargr Corsair Ranks (Examples)
(Approximate Translations)
R17 (O9) » Leader ("Admiral")
R16 (O8) » Subleader ("Commodore")
R15 (O7) » Group Coordinator
R14 (O6) » Group Leader
R13 (O5) » Force Leader / Staff Major
R12 (O4) » Captain / Force Subleader
R11 (O3) » Captain-Lieutenant
R10 (O2) » Lieutenant
R9 (O1) » Junior Lieutenant / Ensign
R8 (E8) » Master Spacehand / Master Sergeant
R7 (E7) » Senior Spacehand / Senior Sergeant
R6 (E6) » Leading Spacehand / Staff Sergeant
R5 (E5) » Able Spacehand / Technical Sergeant
R4 (E4) » Spacehand 1st Class / Sergeant
R3 (E3) » Spacehand 2nd Class / Senior Hand
R2 (E2) » Spacehand 3rd Class / Hand
R1 (E1) » Spacehand Apprentice / Junior Hand
R0 » Corsair Recruit
Vargr general.png
Vargr Raider Ranks (Examples)
(Approximate Translations)
R15 » ---
R14 (O8) » General (= Overleader)
R13 (O7) » Brigadier General (= War Leader)
R12 (O6) » Brigadier ("Senior Group Leader" (Large Band))
R11 (O5) » Colonel ("Group Leader" (Large Band))
R10 (O4) » Lt. Colonel ("Group Subleader" (Medium Band))
R9 (O3) » Force Commander (Small Band Leader)
R8 (O2) » Captain ("Force Leader")
R7 (O1) » Lieutenant ("Force Subleader")
R6 (E6) » Leading / Gunnery Sergeant
R5 (E5) » Sergeant
R4 (E4) » Lance Sergeant
R3 (E3) » Corporal
R2 (E2) » Lance Corporal
R1 (E1) » Raider (Private)
R0 » Raider Recruit

There is no standard rank-terminology for the various Vargr military and para-military organizations found throughout the Extents. Different polities and individual organizations will often have their own independent terms and naming conventions. Various organizational ranks and grades used by the Vargr have been known to include, but are by no means limited to, an assortment of the terms shown in the tables below.

Note that there is typically far less of a rigid distinction between "commissioned" and "enlisted" ranks in Vargr services than is typical for Imperial services, and there is typically no "service-academy" that trains officers for commissioning upon graduation. Vargr officers are typically commissioned after having served in enlisted ranks for some prior period, or after having located a suitable officer-mentor to train them in officer-related skills while serving in an enlisted position. The latter comes as close to a service-academy as most Vargr polities have, and typically results in immediate commissioning up from the ranks upon completion of training by the mentor. [1]

Note that Vargr tend to experience both promotion and demotion with much greater frequency depending upon their individual successes in positions of leadership. While it is not possible to ascend to "officer" positions without a "commissioning", officers with a commission (should they be demoted back beyond Rank-O1) will be sent back to the enlisted grades at the rank-level they held prior to being commissioned. Note that there is nothing preventing them from being re-commissioned once again as a result of future successes. [1]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Tables of Organization (Organizational Structure)[edit]

There is no standard terminology or organizational format for the various Vargr military and para-military organizations found throughout the Extents. Different polities and individual organizations will often have their own independent organizational structure and naming conventions that are ultimately derived from the cultural traditions and personal preferences of the organizers of the groups and units in question. Nevertheless, most organizations derive their overarching structure from the racial-psychology of the Vargr "pack" mentality, which is largely based upon the personal "charisma" of those individuals holding and maintaining positions of leadership. As a result, many Imperial observers will simply assign roughly equivalent Imperial ranks and titles (or at least familiar terminology) to Vargr groups and organizations as a matter of simple expediency. Most Vargr organizations are assigned the following rough correspondences by Imperial observers:

  • Large Band/Group = ~1000-2000 Vargr -OR- several dozen starships
  • Medium Band/Group = ~500-1000 Vargr -OR- a dozen starships
  • Small Band/Group = ~200 Vargr -OR- several starships
  • Force = ~100 Vargr -OR- a few starships

Vargr Navies[edit]

The various Vargr naval organizations among the polities of the Extents comprise the local Vargr interstellar space fleets that patrol the various star systems of the coreward regions of Charted Space.

Vargr Raiders (Ship's Troops / Naval Infantry)[edit]

Raiders are members of the armed fighting forces carried aboard starships. Raiders perform boarding actions in space, defend starports and local navy bases, and supplement the ground forces of the militia.

Vargr Corsairs & Raiders[edit]

Corsairs are members of independent armed fighting bands which include both space transport and attack vessels as well as carried ground troops. Corsair bands sometimes find employment with governments as legitimate privateers and mercenaries with properly issued letters of marque, but most operate without official sanction as little more than organized roving bands of pirates. Regardless of whether or not they find temporary employment with governments, in the long run they seldom possess a permanent home.

Like naval organizations, corsairs typically carry raiders aboard their vessels as armed fighting forces for the purpose of performing boarding actions in space as well as for potential raiding and looting of under-defended ground targets.

Navy Composition[edit]

Along the imperial borders in the Spinward Marches Sector two fleets, the Uthith and the Gireel, have historically held sway. Each of two admirals pulled from a pool of available formations. They had two BatRons, three CruRons, one TankRon and an AssaultRon. All the assault squadrons and cruisers are fully streamlined for fast refueling in wilderness areas. The squadrons all move at a unified rate of jump 3, and the battleships and tankers are partially streamlined.

Selected Ship Types[edit]

Some naval ship Types widely used within Vargr Space include:

  1. Type VA class Trader AKA Vargr Trader [2]
    1. Farrou class Far Trader
    2. Hnneshant class Trade Boat
    3. Khershawn class Trader
    4. Princess Gunnhilde class Far Trader
  2. Type VB class Battleship
    1. Arrghonz class Dreadnought
  3. Type VC class Cruiser
    1. Aek Naz class Battlecruiser
    2. Aenoegrr class Strike Cruiser
    3. Dzen class Strike Cruiser
    4. Foghoks class Heavy Cruiser
    5. Gvergh class Cruiser
  4. Type VF class Frigate [3] AKA Vargr Frigate
    1. Az Alrrak class Intruder AKA Leaping Wolf class Intruder
    2. Se Koez class Frigate
  5. Type VJ class Seeker AKA Vargr Seeker [4]
    1. Udzuekh class Mining Vessel
    2. Zukseg class Seeker
  6. Type VM class Packet AKA Vargr Packet [5]
    1. Dhaztuen class Far Merchant
  7. Type VP class Corsair AKA Vargr Corsair [6]
    1. Aeogz class Corsair
    2. Guegha class Corsair
    3. Rrazaghz class Corsair
    4. Ueknou class Corsair
    5. Veng class Corsair
    6. Vengeance class Commerce Protection Vessel
  8. Type VS class Scout AKA Vargr Scout [7]
    1. Garr Aedz class Scout AKA Long Claw class Scout
    2. Kanllaz class Scout
    3. Type SF class Scout
  9. Type VX class Courier AKA Vargr Courier [8]
    1. Tathoe class Scout/Courier

Selected Ship Classes[edit]

Some naval ship classes widely used within Vargr Space include:

  1. Aek Naz class Battlecruiser
  2. Aenoegrr class Strike Cruiser
  3. Aeogz class Corsair
  4. Arrghonz class Dreadnought
  5. Az Alrrak class Intruder AKA Leaping Wolf class Intruder
  6. Bayonnet class Gunned Scout
  7. Cavern of Fangs class Escort Carrier
  8. Dhaztuen class Far Merchant
  9. Dzen class Strike Cruiser
  10. Elaezoe class Cruiser
  11. Farrou class Far Trader
  12. Foghoks class Heavy Cruiser
  13. Garr Aedz class Scout AKA Long Claw class Scout
  14. Gatherer class Trade Surveyor
  15. Guegha class Corsair
  16. Gvergh class Cruiser
  17. Habari class Raider
  18. Hnneshant class Trade Boat
  19. Kalpa class Scout
  20. Kanllaz class Scout
  21. Khershawn class Trader
  22. Lapine class Frontier Tender
  23. Nguksu class Armoured Fast Trader
  24. Princess Gunnhilde class Far Trader
  25. Rrazaghz class Corsair
  26. Se Koez class Frigate
  27. Sixth Horizon class Fast Far Scout
  28. Sokhkhun class Raider Q-Carrier
  29. Sorrgheg class Reaver
  30. Tathoe class Scout/Courier
  31. Type SF class Scout
  32. Type VA class Trader [9]
  33. Type VF class Frigate [10] AKA Vargr Frigate
  34. Type VJ class Seeker [11]
  35. Type VM class Packet [12]
  36. Type VP class Corsair [13]
  37. Type VS class Scout [14]
  38. Type VX class Courier [15]
  39. Udzuekh class Mining Vessel
  40. Ueknou class Corsair
  41. Un Vaeg class Troop Transport
  42. Veng class Corsair
  43. Vengeance class Commerce Protection Vessel
  44. Vraktagh 6H class Far Scout
  45. Zukseg class Seeker

Selected Smallcraft[edit]

Some smallcraft types and classes that are widely used within Vargr Space include:

  1. Aekguthand class Assault Cutter
  2. Nolrrgarrai class Strike Fighter
  3. Seragh class Cutter

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This fleet can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

World Listing[edit]

Vessels from these fleets are known to patrol the following systems and worlds:

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