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Bleddyn -Vargr Icon.png

Bleddyn Wilson is a Traveller artist, author, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Brief Bio: Started playing Classic Traveller with his uncle in 1981. He is a former paratrooper and Afghanistan veteran who never lost his passion for Sci-Fi and CT. Always an outspoken critic of the 3rd Imperium and resides in the Sword Worlds Confederation.

RL UPP[edit]

3 Terms Army ( Infantry, Support)
Commando School, Specialist school, Instructor-Specialist school, Cross-Training-Cavalry
Final Rank SSG
MCUF, XS x2, PH, 2 Combat Service Ribbons
Combat Rifleman-2, Medic-2, Leader -1, Tactics -1, Recon-1, Instructor-1, Admin-1, Computer-1, Parachuting-1, Hvy Wpns( Mortar)-1, Vehicle (Wheeled)-1, Small Boat-0, Diving-0

College (1+term)
History-3, Economics-1,

TML Landgrab Member[edit]

TML Icon
  1. Sheyou / Cronor
  2. Joyuese / Swords Worlds

External Link/s[edit]

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Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. 3122nd Imperial Jump Regiment
  2. 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment Contributor of fan graphics.
  3. 5703rd Lift Cavalry Regiment
  4. Aekroang
  5. Aeogz class Corsair
  6. Banya class Light Fleet Corvette
  7. Berka class Heavy Fleet Corvette
  8. Bleddyn Alexander Huelcyn-Aadarkhi
  9. Bra'la class Corvette Transport
  10. Dienjzhiae class Fleet Intelligence Corvette
  11. Dranzhrin class Consular Corvette
  12. Exemplary Service Medal
  13. Hero Medal
  14. Iderati (world)
  15. Legion of Merit
  16. Malapaan (world)
  17. Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry
  18. Meritorious Conduct Under Fire
  19. The Order of the Deneb
  20. The Order of the Spinward Marches
  21. Phlume (world)
  22. Sheyou (world)
  23. Starburst for Extreme Heroism
  24. Vaersngurr (world)
  25. Type VJ class Seeker
  26. Type VA class Trader
  27. Type VM class Packet
  28. Type VP class Corsair
  29. Type VS class Scout
  30. Type VX class Courier
  31. Vlezdre' class Light Cruiser
  32. Wound Badge
  33. Wound Badge (Zhodani)
  34. Zhodani Naval Special Landing Force

Image Repository[edit]

# (Number) Symbol[edit]

  1. 36032592-9C7E-4BE4-A349-A0874810E157.jpeg
  2. 3122nd Imperial Jump Regiment DUI.png
  3. 4518LIBSUBdued.png
  4. 4FWCM.jpg
  5. 5703rd Lift Cavalry Regiment DUI.png
  6. 5703rd LCR sleeve Patch.png
  7. 5703rd LCR Emperor's Standard.png
  8. 5703rd LCR Regimental Standard.png
  9. 5703rd Lift Cavalry Brigade Combat Team TOE.jpeg
  10. 5703rd LCR Sleeve Insignia Subdued.png
  11. 5FWCM.jpg

A Letter[edit]

  1. Alternate IISS Logo.png
  2. Arms of the Duke of the Imperial Core, Count Enope, Viscount Malapaan.jpeg
  3. Armsof the Baron of Phlume.jpeg
  4. Ancient Arms of the Viscounts of Malapaan.jpeg
  5. Augmentation of the Dukes of the Imperial Court.jpeg

B Letter[edit]

  1. Baronet badge- Third Imperium.png
  2. Baronet Badge- Domain of Vland.png
  3. Baronet Badge- Domain of Deneb.png
  4. Baronet Badge- Domain of Sylea.png
  5. Baronet Badge- Domain of Ilelish.png
  6. Baronet Badge- Domain of Gateway.png
  7. Baronet Badge- Domain of Antares.png
  8. Baronet Badge- Domain of Sol.png
  9. Baronet Badges Grouped.png
  10. Bleddyn -Vargr Icon.png

D Letter[edit]

  1. Duke of Iderati.png
  2. Duke of Iderati’s Medal Rack.jpeg
  3. Duke of Iderati’s ISM Shadow Box.jpeg

F Letter[edit]

  1. 4FWCM.jpg
  2. 5FWCM.jpg

I Letter[edit]

  1. IISS SEH .png
  2. IISS S-Scout Class Crest.png
  3. Imperial Army Logo.jpeg
  4. Imperial Army Marshal’s Baton.jpeg
  5. Imperial Star Marie Marshal’s Baton.jpeg
  6. Imperial Naval Sector Admiral’s Baton.jpeg
  7. Imperial Marine Lift Cavalry Troop.jpeg
  8. Imperial Marine Lift Tank Company.jpeg
  9. Imperial Marine Meson Battery.jpeg
  10. Imperial Marine Lift rifle company.jpeg
  11. Imperial Marine Task Force Headquarters.jpeg
  12. Imperial Marine Task Force.jpeg
  13. Imperial Marine Regiment.jpeg
  14. Imperial Marine Logo.jpeg
  15. Imperial Wound Badge.png
  16. Imperial Navy SEH.png
  17. Imperial Star Marines SEH.png
  18. Imperial Army SEH.png
  19. Imperial Wound Badge 2nd Class.jpeg
  20. ISM Jump Commando Brevet.jpeg

M Letter[edit]

  1. MCUF 1st Class.png
  2. MCUF 2nd Class.png
  3. MCUF.png
  4. MCG 1st Class.png
  5. MCG 3rd Class.png
  6. MCG.png

O Letter[edit]

Order of Deneb:

  1. Order of Deneb- Companion ( Military).png
  2. Order of Deneb- Companion( Civil).png
  3. Order of Deneb- Knight ( Military).png
  4. Order of Deneb-Knight Commander Beast Star.png
  5. Order of Deneb- Knight Commander( Civillian).png
  6. Order of Deneb- Member ( Civil).png
  7. Order of Deneb- Member ( Military).png

Order of the Spinward Marches:

  1. Order of the Spinward Marches -Civillian Division Primer.png
  2. Order of the Spinward Marches - Companion ( Civillian Division).png
  3. Order of the Spinward Marches-Companion (Military).png
  4. Order of the Spinward Marches-Grand Commander .jpg
  5. Order of the Spinward Marches - Knight ( Civillian Division).png
  6. Order of the Spinward Marches-Knight (Military).png
  7. Order of the Spinward Marches - Knight Commander Breast Star.png
  8. Order of the Spinward Marches -Grand Commander Breast Star.Ex.jpg
  9. Order of the Spinward Marches - Knight Commander ( Civillian Division).png
  10. Order of the Spinward Marches-Knight Comannder (Military).png
  11. Order of the Spinward Marches - Knight Commander Star.png
  12. Order of the Spinward Marches Lapel Button.png
  13. Order of the Spinward Marches - Member ( Civillian Division).png
  14. Order of the Spinward Marches-Member of Merit (Military).png
  15. Order of the Spinward Marches - Military Division Primer.png

Smaller Orders:

  1. Order of Gvadakoung.png
  2. Order of Hlyuea.png

S Letter[edit]

  1. Sheyou Main World Map.png
  2. Simple Crest of the Noble House of Wilson-Aadarkhi.jpeg
  3. Small Zho logo.
  4. Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 8.16.04 PM.png

T Letter[edit]

  1. Tml landgrab.gif

V Letter[edit]

  1. Vargr corsair symbol.
  2. Vargr general symbol.
    Vargr general.png
  3. Viscounts of Malapaan
    Viscounts of Malapaan.jpeg

Z Letter[edit]

  1. Zho military organization #1.
    Zhodani Special Naval Landing Force Detachment.png
  2. Zho military organization #2.
    Zhodani Special Naval Landing Force Section.png
  3. Zhodani ACR .png
  4. Zhodani SB ACR.png
  5. Zhodani Gauss Rifles.png
  6. Zhodani FGMP.png
  7. Zhodani LMG.png
  8. Zhodani PGMP.png
  9. Zhodani Laser Carbine.png

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Interests: Anything CT, The Outworld Coalition, ship building, vargr corsairs, and day dreaming.

This person has been involved with Traveller in the following ways:

  • Artist / Illustrator
  • Author

Traveller RPG Wiki Participation[edit]

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Bibliography-Ludography (Published Products)[edit]

This person has authored, contributed, playtested, or otherwise participated in the publication of the following products:

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