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BatRons are a kind of military unit, an organizational grouping, used within modern interstellar navies.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

A BatRon, or Battleship Squadrons, in naval use of the Third Imperium, are typically two to eight battleships or dreadnoughts of 100,000 to 1 million dtons each, plus escorts and auxiliaries (usually less than 25% of capital ship tonnage).

Battle squadrons are created from battleships and are intended to meet the best of the enemy fleet, engage it, and destroy it. Their purpose is battle. Battle squadrons are usually reinforced with large numbers of auxiliary ships, including refueling shuttles, escorts, and support cruisers. In addition, they are accompanied by a number of fleet couriers which carry communications between squadrons.

Selected BatRon Units[edit]

  1. 154th Battle Rider Squadron

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the early 1100s the largest size Battleship Squadrons were made up of the Tigress class Dreadnought at 500,000 dtons, although some older battleships did remain in service.

The Plankwell class Dreadnought, Kokirrak class Dreadnought are two examples of older dreadnoughts backing up the Tigress class Dreadnought BatRons.

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