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CruRons are a kind of military unit, an organizational grouping, used within modern interstellar navies.

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Imperial Navy:

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Cruiser squadrons are organized with cruisers and are intended to support BatRons in space combat. Although a cruiser cannot defeat a battleship in one-on-one combat, a number of cruisers can overwhelm a lone battleship, and this occasionally happens.

The function of a CruRon is to hold or delay a BatRon early in battle.

Selected CruRon Units[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

CruRons are strong units. When no BatRon is around, they are easily the strongest type of squadron available. In addition to supporting BatRons, they are given the mission of supporting plantary surface operations once the space battle has been won. Cruisers are the ships that bombard the planetary surface, conduct siege warfare, and cover the invading AssaultRons. 'CruRons are accompanied by a variety of auxiliaries, including shuttles, transports, and fleet couriers. Every CruRon is assigned a bulk ordnance carrier which resupplies it with bombs and missiles.

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