Commonwealth Police Service

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The enforcement and investigation arm of the Regency Ministry of Justice. The CPS was formed in the 1130s to rationalise the diffuse, and oftentimes shadowy presence of Imperial MoJ police agents in the Antebellum period. By centralising its police services, the Quarantine Service in space, and the CPS dirtside, the Regency made clear its intent of legitimising the rule of law among its enforcement, investigation and judicial organs, in direct contrast to the repressive methods of noble and Imperial police services. The CPS is charged primarily with the investigation of violations of all Regency laws that apply across interstellar jurisdictions, though its charter prohibits operations of paramilitary nature, and its jurisdiction is limited over Quarantine violations and smuggling.

Most worlds with a population of 7 or more, or 5 and an A-class starport, contain a CPS office. Industrial and high-pop worlds often have several offices. Most of these are generic field offices of 100-300 agents, divided into several areas of jurisdictional responsibility. Larger offices include full forensic and investigation facilities equipped with the latest modern equipment and procedures, and these render assistance to local planetary police upon their request. The CPS has its own transport branch, though it is prohibited warships of any kind, and its vessels may only carry defensive armaments.

Besides investigation, the CPS provides bodyguard protection for the Regent and his/her family, a deliberate break from the military protection afforded the emperor/empress. It is also responsible for domestic intelligence gathering against criminal threats, a role that provides some controversy, and counterintelligence operations.

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