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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Imperial Bar Association is an Imperium-wide body administered by the Ministry of Justice, whose primary duty is to set consistent standards of conduct for practicing attorneys.

Examinations are given annually at several locations in each sector (Usually locations with an Imperial court), and consist of a series of written tests and an oral examination by a board of attorneys. Tests are given for various specialties, but primarily these break down into criminal, civil, and admiralty law. In the Imperium, a specialist in civil law or admiralty law is known as an advocate, while a specialist in criminal law is known as a lawyer.

Bar associations also exist on the domain, sector, and subsector levels; these can only license an attorney to practice within their jurisdiction. Individual worlds often have their own bar associations and certification procedures, but these cannot certify anyone to practice law before any Imperial court.

Most established Universities will provide post-graduate courses to prepare students for the Imperial Bar Association examinations.

The Imperial Courts of Justice are noted for an inability to recognise any persons in the court other than the Court Officials, Plaintiffs/Defendants, Sworn Witnesses and members of the Imperial Bar Association. Any other person speaking is apt to be treated as a nuisance and Imperial Judges will direct that they be silenced, removed or jailed for contempt of court.

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