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An "Organization" or (Non-state) Organization is a group that services a private (non-governmental) donor or indirectly serves a government (polity) donor. All institutions are also "organizations", but not all "organizations" are "institutions."

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The easiest way to distinguish an "institution" and an "organization" is to discern where the majority of the organization's funding comes from. "Institutions" derive all or most of their funds from a government (polity) source, while organizations derive most of their funds from a private or non-government source. These terms can be confusing since the general populance uses the terms interchangeably.

Related Terms[edit]

Organizations are non-State groups that include, but are not limited to the following:


Many organizations accept public (governmental) funding in the forms of grants, but until the majority of their funding comes from that government sources, they are still considered private (independent) groups.

Once an organization accepts the majority of its funds from a government (polity), it becomes a de facto part of the government, or an institution, and is beholden to that polity's influence and direction.


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