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The Dhuna Cult of Eternal Ecstasy is a religious practice started on Gursa (Dagudashaag 1801) by Sharik Dhuna in -5877.


The Dhuna cult had a strong practice of assassinations and blood sacrifices.

History and background[edit]

At the time of the founding during the Long Night in -5877, their practices were restricted to Gursa, resulting in an ongoing terror campaign between the cultists and the local hunter clans.

With the coming of the Third Imperium, and access to other worlds, the cult spread their practices to other worlds. On Daridura (Dagudashaag 1605), the Imperial authorities made the connection between an epidemic of ritual murders and the cult. Over the next 20 years members of the cult were systemically hunted down and either jailed or killed.


  • It was thought the cult was extinct, but resurfaced in 562 and again in 986. Both times the members were systematically hunted and captured or killed.
  • In 997 Ghari Mesu, a neo-Dhuna priest successfully campaigned in the Imperial courts to allow the cult to reform on Gursa providing it did not resume it murderous practices.
  • As of 1116 the cult still exists on Gursa. The tensions between cult members and the hunter clans have forced the Gursa government to declare martial law, to little effect.

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