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The Ministry of State is in charge of diplomatic relations with the Imperium's neighbor states, with Imperial client states, and with various autonomous regions within the Imperium. The Ministry of state assists the Emperor in formulating Imperial foreign policy and advises on the creation of treaties and other agreements with foreign powers. To do this the ministry contains a number of boards:

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Administrative head of the Ministry of State is the Minister of State who is appointed by the Emperor and resides at the Capital.

  • Policy Board: The board consists of the Minister of State and any other nobles chosen by the Emperor to advise him on matters of long-term foreign policy. Aside from the Minister of State, the Policy Boards is not composed of members of the ministry, and is purely an advisory body.
  • Imperial Diplomatic Corps (Home): This division oversees and monitors representiatives sent to atonomous regions within the Imperiums, and coodinates Imperial governors of worlds and systems when these are appointed by the Emperor.
  • Intelligence division: This division cooridnates information collected by various sources, including its own agents. The Intelligence division is divided into bureaus.

Agents of the Ministry of State may operate operate with up to four sets of Imperial Credentials[2]:

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