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The Justice Special Branch is part of the Ministry of Justice

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Justice Special Branch (JSB) is part of the Ministry of Justice. It was organised as three offices:

  1. Investigative Office
  2. Intelligence Office
  3. Security Office

Investigative Office[edit]

This office was responsible for Apprehension of persons in the MoJ who violate Imperial Law. It is split into:

  • Field Enforcement Division
  • Investigative Research Division

It should be noted that a number of the agents of the Imperium have very wide ranging powers - almost a legal carte-blanche. This office investigates the misuse of such powers. This office is much hated by MoJ staff, contractors and consultants.

Intelligence Office[edit]

At least one official from this office is present at all Imperial Way Stations and most large Imperial Naval Bases. Its mandate is the investigation of anti-Imperial Insurgency movements within the Imperium. It is divided into:

  • Counter Insurgency Division (Infiltration)
  • Elite Strike Force Division (Direct Firepower)
  • Intelligence Recon Division (Operates large and small starships of all types with advanced electronics)

The Elite Strike Force Division trains with the Imperial Marines and Imperial Interstellar Scout Service special operations teams and will second particularly effective operatives to its own use.

The Intelligence Recon Division is a signals intelligence unit that watches planets for specifically anti-Imperial activity.

Security Office[edit]

Imperial Security Division[edit]

Provides protection for the Imperial Family away from Capital (Core 2118) unless they are travelling as part of the Emperor's entourage when their security is handled by the Imperial Bureau of Internal Security and the Imperial Guard. In these roles it liaises closely with the Office of Personal Transportation.

Special Security Division[edit]

Provides protection for Imperial Officials and visiting Dignitaries. It does this by coordinating with the Imperial Marines for security of Imperial Embassies and Consulates in Client States and External Empires (e.g. Zhodani Consulate) and by providing escort for visitors in transit to Capital (Core 2118) or Sector capitals. In this latter role it liaises closely with the Imperial Border Office of the Ministry of State.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

"Who guards the Guardians?" is a long asked question, and in the Ministry of Justice this is the Justice Special Branch.

A secret section of the Ministry of Justice, its existence was not admitted until officially confirmed by Emperor Strephon in year 1080 (and simultaneously announcing the appointment of its new director, Commodore Torrence Beem), and that it had been operating in its present form since year 850 (when the Investigative Office was added).

The JSB has had many forerunners throughout the history of the Imperium, which usually dealt exclusively in counter-terrorism operations. The JSB's direct parent organization was the old Imperial Naval Intelligence Department, which spawned the JSB in response to the Imperial Civil War and Second Frontier War by the Emperor Arbellatra under the advice of Col. Daranth En La, who became its first director. The JSB was further reorganized between the Psionics Suppressions and the Third Frontier War.

JSB headquarters is located on Capital (Core 2118) in the Ministry of Justice Building. Each of its 3 offices (Investigative/Intelligence/Security) has a distinct command post set up in each Sector of the Imperium.

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