Third Frontier War

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(979 to 986): Third Frontier War

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The Third Frontier War was another attempt by the Zhodani Consulate to project power into the Spinward Marches. It ran from 979 to 986, with some gain to the Zhodani.

The war featured the 154th Squadron's new Quiquilat class Battle Riders, who saw action around Lusen and Utloand. The 4518th Lift Infantry regiment served on Foelen and Farreach. [1]


It began with a Zhodani attempt to sidestep Jewell by attacking Boughene, Pixie, and Efate. A second drive went through Lanth subsector. In 980, it took Porozlo for its naval base and gas giant. With this support base, Zhodani forces then laid siege to Rhylanor. Elements from Regina (world) brought the siege to a long stalemate. Reinforcements from the Sabine subsector were decisive in finally breaking the siege in 981. [2] [3]


The armistice resulted in Quar and Retinae becoming independent worlds. Several systems were ceded to the Zhodani in the Querion and Jewell subsectors, and the Vilis subsector gained a demilitarized zone along the Imperial border. [4] [5]

Commerce raiding during the war motivated the Imperial navy to develop the 1,000 ton Fer-de-Lance class Destroyer Escort. [6]

Fallout from the war brought about the abdication of Emperor Styryx in 989. [7] It also stunted the Imperium's efforts to re-incorporate worlds after the Solomani Rim War. [8]

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