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The Lynx Society is a Non-governmental scientific organisation headquartered from Camaguey (The Beyond 0409). Founded in 1133 following the Collapse to preserve, perpetuate and evolve scientific and technical knowledge in the face of the Viral threat. The Society is prestigious, as many governments, eager to forestall a further collapse, encouraged their scientists to join and pool their resources. The Society has branch offices on many industrial worlds, but is best represented in Beyond and nearby Vanguard Reaches. Membership is by invitation only, though its rolls include distinguished amateurs as well as professional and academic scientists. The Society has no research facilities of its own, but it does publish journals and maintains databases of recent unclassified discoveries in the sciences, engineering and humanities. All members pay modest dues, and digest subscriptions; but Society subsidises member research, and most of its income results from patents and royalties generated by such research. The society has a biannual convention that it convenes on various worlds in the Spinward Hinters. The society takes its name from the famous Italian Renaissance scientific society, the first of its kind on Terra, a brotherhood that included Galileo.

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