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Literally Italian for "contractor." Corporate Mercenary units, or any military unit that is owned or backed by private money and support that is intended for private hire for profit.

Most Imperial era mercenary units were of this nature, but have become extinct in the Regency following the Collapse. Condotterie units are a natural consequence of the inability of mercs to handle both military operations and the myriad bureaucratic sundries of day-to-day operations.

The most famous (or infamous) condotterie provider was the late Imperial megacorp Instellarms, which controlled perhaps sixty percent of the Third Imperium's private mercenary market. Condotterie units are not highly regarded beyond their utility; many larger corporate units were notable for aiding and abetting the vacuous greed and questionable methods of their employers. Many units in the Spinward Hinters and Zhodani Shadow are still condotterie.

Examples of these units include: Atwater Security Consultants, Tina's Hippies, Tyler's Titans, Cathy's Crusaders, Pam's Peacekeepers, Owen's Onslaught and Princess Diane, 112th Baroness of Nu Yark's, Destroyers.

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