Disciples of the Bright Way

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Disciples of the Bright Way (Organization) Synopsis[edit]

The Disciples of the Bright Way are a sect that believe their deity exists in jump space and communicates directly with people while they are in jump.

Disciples of the Bright Way (Organization) Description[edit]

They call the sight of J-Space "The face of the deity" and have a secret combination of drugs and meditation practices that reduce (but not eliminate!) the insanity resulting from directly viewing J-Space.

Disciples are generally not dangerous, but their disturbing practice of shooting up drugs and staring out of an open porthole into J-Space during the week of a jump means that most captains refuse to allow them on board under any circumstances. However, the Disciples will pay an obscene amount of money for passage on a ship, and since they don't really care about bodily comforts, they are quite happy to bunk two to a stateroom under middle passage conditions and pay up to Cr25,000 each for their "pilgrimage". The Disciples also own a number of ships they use for their own "pilgrimages"; these are generally decrepit old Scout/Couriers or free traders that have been roughly remodeled to hold dozens of members in flop-house style accommodations.

Disciples of the Bright Way (Organization) History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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