Strephon's Imperium

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Refers to the territories controlled by Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi within the Third Imperium during the Rebellion. Prior to the Rebellion, the term "Strephon's Imperium" would only have seen use by pundits or historians comparing his reign to the reigns of his predecessors.


Upon arriving at Usdiki, Strephon took control of the remaining naval and other military assets within approximately 10 parsecs, began construction of additional naval assets, and created or subsumed existing bureaucratic institutions on Usdiki to allow him to control the region properly. The resulting organization remained similar to any other sector or subsector government, aside from the lack of outside accountability.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Strephon's Imperium (History) Milieu: Rebellion: Refers to Strephon the Pretender's territories centered on Gushemege Sector. The term "pretender" refers to the person identifying himself as Strephon's claim of pretence to the disputed title of Emperor of the Imperium, not a dispute as to whether he was or was not the real Strephon.

Strephon arrived first on Usdiki/Gushemege on 1117 to announce his survival. He stated that the assassin Dulinor had merely killed a double trained to impersonate him for routine affairs or special occaisions when he was unavailable. He explained his long silence as an attempt to prevent conflict, as he thought Lucan would become the new emperor and unite the Imperium against Dulinor and his allies. When Lucan proved to be too unstable, he realized he had to intervene to restore stability.

Strephon's Imperium (History) Response to Strephon's Claim: The other factions disputed his authenticity, claiming he was either one of the impersonating "doubles" being used as a figurehead or an impostor acting in his own self-interest. Theories ranged from a surgically-altered stand-in (who would have no legitimate claim), a clone of Strephon (who could still make a claim as a "true-son" of Strephon), or a pseudo-biological robot (who would have no rights under Imperial law even if it was sentient and duplicated Strephon's memories and personality exactly).

Strephon's Imperium (History) Milieu: Traveller 1120: Refers to the Imperium during the rule of Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi [1071-Present].

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