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The Luftgrenadiers are elite naval commandos of the Die Weltbund marines, similar to Imperial Lift Infantry (or old Terran paratroops) in concept.

Instead of dropping from orbit, Luftgrenadiers are equipped with the Wespe class Flying Battledress, designed & built by Mikirimaagii LTD, with which they drop from landing craft anywhere from suborbital to 1,000.0 km height.

Lufttgrenadiers are organized into battalions of 4 companies commanded by a Major, companies of 8 squads commanded by a Captain and squads of 12 troopers + plus one Sergeant & Lieutenant. Squads are equipped with a mixture of laser and gauss weapons plus each squad has one Longsword Assault Laser, developed again by Mikirimaagii. Naval vessels of less than 5000 tonnes will typically have 1 or 2 squads of Luftgrenadiers. Light cruisers (5,000-10,000 tonnes) will maintain 4-5 squads. Heavy Cruisers (10000-15000 tonnes) with maintain 1 company. Heavy Carrier & Battleships (15,000-40,000 tonnes) will maintain 1-2 Battalions.

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