Aegir (world)

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Aegir/Capella (Solomani Rim 1339)
Classic Era (1115)
StarportA Excellent: Starship Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size7 Medium (11,200 km, 0.70g - 0.94g)
Atmosphere6 Standard
HydrographicsA Water World 100%
Population8 Moderate (500 million)
Government8 Civil Service Bureaucracy
Law5 Moderate Law (no concealable weapons)
Tech LevelD Average Stellar (holo data)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary M2 V
Planetoid Belts 0
Gas Giants 2

Aegir is a rich water world with a moderate population over a hundred million, but not yet at a billion sophonts in population size.

  • Its surface is 90% or more covered in an ocean of water.
  • The inhabitants of this world live on the roughly 10% of exposed land mass, in underwater colonies, on city ships, or similar arrangements.
  • This is a rich world with a prosperous and thriving world economy.
  • This world has high-grade living conditions with a good climate and a non-harmful environment. As such, this world is much sought after with large queues for immigration here.
  • Most observers think that the planet's economy and population will prosper in the near future barring outside forces.
  • It is a member of the Solomani Confederation in the Capella Subsector of Solomani Rim Sector.

Description (Planetology)[edit]

No information yet available.

IISS Astrographics Survey[edit]

1339 Aegir (Solomani)

Starport: Class V.

Diameter: 7,300 miles (11,700 km). Gravity: 0.93g.
Atmosphere: Standard oxygen-nitrogen.
Hydrographics: 96%.
Climate: Warm.
Population: 520 million.
Government: Meritocracy.
Control Level: 3.
Tech Level: 10.
World Trade Number: 5.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Aegir is a rich water world, part of the Near Boötes Cluster in Capella Subsector of the Solomani Rim. The system is a member of the Solomani Confederation.

Non-canon: Colonized by Vilani dissidents during the First Imperium. In 2424 AD (-2094) a crew member from the merchant ship Dancer's Pride carried the Duskir Plague to Near Boötes. As the plague only affected Vilani, there were no problems until the ship docked at Aegir. Once discovered, a general quarantine was set up and the plague contained to the ship and a small starport.

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