Plague of Duskir

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Ravaging worlds from the Solomani Rim to Vland during the Rule of Man, the Plague of Duskir followed in the wake of conquering Solomani troops.

The biological history of the Vilani settlers, who evolved on a world of alien biology, ill-prepared them for contact with other human races. Minor plagues had of course broken out in many of their previous contacts, but the most serious of these outbreaks stemmed from the Solomani, who carried germs that had attacked humans for millenia.

Neither the Vilani immune systems nor their pharmaceutical stocks were ready for what happened. The plague of Duskir was no single disease, but rather a complex infection by several organisms normally harmless to Solomani (or at least easily controlled). The most common pattern of infection involved two varieties of yeast, staphylococci, digestive bacteria, and venereal diseases.

Ironically, the plague is named for the Vilani doctor who first analyzed its cause and treated it correctly, although some wrongly believed that the Vilani started the plague. With the help of Solomani medical texts and the facilities of Dishadshi University, Duskir brought the diseases under control, first on his own planet and then on many more.

Today, human stock has so intermixed and travel is so widespread that such bacteriological disasters are rare. The lessons learned from such epidemics have taught Imperials how to contact minor Human races without wiping them out unintentionally.

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