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A Standard Atmosphere is a type of atmosphere known for possessing a pressure, temperature, constituent gases, and other factors all within tolerable limits of sophonts that are conventional lifeforms

Description (Specifications)[edit]

An atmosphere rated as Standard has a mean surface pressure ranging from 0.71 atm to 1.49 atm.

Surface Pressure & Water Properties[edit]

Surface Pressure & Water Properties
Boiling point
of water
0.7 atm 90°C
1.0 atm 100°C
1.5 atm 111°C

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

On Earth, sophonts have little experience of differing atmospheric pressures, and so many underestimate how much of an impact this factor may have on everyday life. Terran inhabitants are actually living near the bottom of an ocean of air. At sea level, the weight of the air presses down on its inhabitants with a pressure of 1.0 kg per squared centimeter. At higher altitudes, less air means less weight and less pressure. The pressure and density of air decreases with increasing elevation.

Standard pressure is what a Terran at sea level regularly breaths. The IISS Atmosphere Core Manual tells us that a Standard Atmosphere has a pressure between 0.71 and 1.49 times that of Earth. Things change at lower pressures and those sophonts who live or work in mountainous regions can attest to those changes. [1]

References & contributors (Sources)[edit]