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Paul Elliot is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Writing and history have always been intertwined since I was young. I grew up on Roman epics like The Fall of the Roman Empire and Ben Hur, and devoured books on ancient history. At school I gained an O-level in Classical Studies and an A-level in Ancient History. Although I actually wanted to be a geologist, I dropped out of my Geology BSc. degree in 1989 to instead pursue my great love, Ancient History and Archaeology (BA Hons.) at Cardiff University. I began writing almost immediately; Cassell published Warrior Cults three years after graduation, a book about ancient sects and societies that mixed violence with magic or religion, they also published my sequel, Brotherhoods of Fear, as well as Assassin! In amongst all that, an associated imprint, Arms & Armour Press. published my book on the dichotomies and complexities of the Vietnam War in Vietnam: Conflict and Controversy.

​Following the millennium I moved to the coast and made myself a leather sling, an ancient weapon that enabled me to launch pebbles out to sea, 100 metres distant. It was the beginning of a deep interest in recreating aspects of history, what is known as 'living history'. Within a few years I was constructing authentic Roman shields, clothing and belts, and delving deep into the everyday lives of Roman legionaries. I joined a couple of fantastic Roman re-enactment groups and met some very knowledgeable and thoroughly nice people. My writer's brain classified, catalogued and filed away every tid-bit of information I discovered, every clue and piece of research dug out of ancient texts, wall-paintings and gravestones. My overriding obsession was with the experiences of the everyday soldier, this was as close to time travel as you could imagine.

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Zozer Games is an online roleplaying game publisher based in Yorkshire, England. Paul Elliott, the developer, focusses on writing for the Traveller and Cepheus Engine roleplaying games, but also produces a number of stand-alone historical games. Paul Elliott has published books in print with several companies, including Blandford Press, Arms & Armour, History Press, and Steve Jackson Games. He has also written articles for Ancient Warfare Magazine, Basic Action Games, Moon Toad Publishing, Skorched 'Urf Studios, Momento Mori, and Mongoose Publishing.

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