Thetis-Laputa Coalition

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The Thetis-Laputa Coalition is an important trade alliance between several Solomani Confederation worlds located in Kukulkan Subsector of the Solomani Rim.


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Government & Politics[edit]

The Thetis-Laputa Coalition is a multi-system confederation, also known as a Confederated Alliance, characterized by a low degree of governmental centralization that gives local (planetary) governments great freedom, while suffering from a poor ability to establish unified policy. The Thetis-Laputa Coalition is usually characterized as an Alliance, a form of a Confederation.

Technology & Trade[edit]

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Military & Intelligence[edit]

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History & Background[edit]

The Coalition controls the major trade routes crossing the Confederation border to the Imperium, and extending toward the Near Boötes Cluster and deeper into the Solomani Sphere.

The Coalition is engaged in a trade war with the other dominant power in the subsector, the world of Kukulcan (Solomani Rim 2835).

Sectors & Astrography[edit]

The Coalition includes the titular Thetis (Solomani Rim 2538) and Laputa (Solomani Rim 2740) as well as Ochre (Solomani Rim 2731), Skanderbeg (Solomani Rim 2932), and Trapezus (Solomani Rim 2734).

World Listing: 1116[edit]

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