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A Confederation is a group of independent states, worlds, or systems united for specified purposes, while generally retaining more freedom of action than the members of a federation.

Those purposes often include:

  • Mutual defence against a larger, encroaching state.
  • Establishment of a larger economic sphere (market).
  • Reasons of cultural, ethnic, social, or racial solidarity.

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Description / Specifications[edit]

A Confederation is sometimes known as a League or Alliance, especially of princes, nations, states, worlds, or systems.

Other Confederation Terms[edit]

Confederations are sometimes known as:

  • Accords (Alliance)
  • Adherences (League)
  • Alignments (Alliance)
  • Alliances (Alliance)
  • Axis (Axes) (Alliance)
  • Cartels (League)
  • Coalitions (Alliance)
  • Collectives (Alliance)
  • Colonies
  • Commonalities (Alliance)
  • Compacts (League)
  • Concordances (League)
  • Concordata (League)
  • Concordiates (League)
  • Concords (League)
  • Confederacies (Confederation)
  • Confederates (Confederation)
  • Consensus
  • Consortia (League)
  • Consortiums (League)
  • Consulates (Alliance)
  • Defence Front
  • Delegat
  • Demarchy
  • Economic Zone
  • Enterprises (League)
  • Expedition
  • Free Enterprise Zone
  • Group
  • Guilds (League)
  • Leagues (League)
  • Migrant Fleets
  • Nomad Fleets
  • Organization
  • Pacts (League)
  • Satrapy
  • Selfhood State
  • Spheres (League)
  • Survivors
  • Syndicates (League)
  • Trade Blocs (League)
  • Triad
  • Trusts (League)

Like all governments, sometimes the political terms in a polity's name may be misleading. Governments using this term in their name may actually vary greatly from the standard and accepted definition of the term.

Five Most Common Power Structures[edit]

An Confederation is one of the five most common power structures found in governance:

Please see Government for more information.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

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Confederation (Government) Representative Examples[edit]

(Confederated) Alliances (Leader):[edit]

(Standard) Confederations (President):[edit]

(Confederated) Leagues (Chief Administrator):[edit]

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