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The Khan World League is a Pocket Empire, a tightly-controlled group of worlds all ruled from Khan (Reaver's Deep 0817).

  • The Khan World League is also known as the Grand Khanate by many.


A small polity struggling to survive in the cold harsh universe, against insurmountable odds.


The Khan seeks to preserve the control they have over the worlds they have. They can ill afford any more rebellious activity. Without a class A shipyard, they have struggled to maintain their aging jump capable vessels. Rumors are they want to find an outside production facility, with which to contract for some more advanced, longer ranged designs.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

In theory the Khan is the absolute ruler, and all pay homage and loyalty to the current Khan. In reality, thick layers of bureaucracy have emerged to administer each planet. Some skeptics, question how much the Khan truly controls.

Interstellar Relations[edit]

They are from a warlike tradition, and take pride in their military prowess. Their strategic naval architecture is limited. The jump capable ships emphasize bringing the maximum number of their elite troop strength to bear, for use on the less advanced subject worlds. More recently diplomatic efforts have focused on obtaining modern starships from willing suppliers.

Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

Technology levels vary from TL–5 to TL–10. The small pockets of Aslan present in this polity has two benefits. Many of the elite military units have aslan warriors, and it is hoped that more advanced aslan technology maybe available if the right trade deal could be struck with a sympathetic clan.

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

Their naval forces include:

(15) Yedidah Class Fleet Tenders

VT-D7111C3-080000-60006-2 MCr. 1,287.06   4,000 tons
Bearing     1     1   2                   Crew 562
Batteries   1     1   2                   TL 9
Cargo: 20 tons   Low: 4   Fuel: 840 tons   EP: 40 Agility: 0   Marines: 480 Pulse Lasers
Craft: 1 x 1,000T SDB, 20 x 20T Fighters, 10 x 4T Grav Tanks, 8 x 4T SPGs, 20 x 4T Grav APCs
Fuel Treatment:   On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: 1 x Model/3fib Computer
Architects Fee: MCr 12.871   Cost in Quantity: MCr 1,029.648

(30) Tembo Class Destroyers

DD-B611733-000000-00600-0 MCr. 1,824.858 2,000 tons
Bearing		    2		         Crew 320
Batteries           2                    TL 9
Cargo: 10 ton hold Low: 8   Fuel: 540 tons EP: 140 Agility: 0   Shipboard Security Detail: 2   Marines: 290
Craft: 1 x 20T Gig
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Architects Fee: MCr 18.249   Cost in Quantity: MCr 1,459.886

(2,000) Khanate Class System Defense Boats

SDB-A1067D2-A00000-00008-0 MCr. 1,385.58   1,000 tons
Bearing                1                   Crew 18
Batteries              1                   TL 10
Cargo: 8 tons  Fuel: 70 tons   EP: 70 Agility: 6
Craft: 2 x 20T Away Boats
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Backups: 1 x Model/4fib Computer
Architects Fee: MCr 13.856   Cost in Quantity: MCr 1,108.464

(20,000) Reaper Class Attack Boats

FF-0105A41-000000-00002-0 MCr. 54.15   20 tons
Bearing               1                Crew 1
Batteries             1                TL 10
Cargo: 0.2 ton missile magazine  Fuel: 2 tons  EP: 2 Agility: 0
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.542   Cost in Quantity: MCr 43.32

Numerous privately owned and operated corsair designs are in operation. These pirates are loosely organized, and constitute a poorly controlled interplanetary mercenary/militia. In exchange for safe harbors and letters of marquee, they assist in the defense of the realm, as long as they are well paid.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

The worlds of this polity are located in the following areas:

The 'Grand Khanate consists of the following worlds:

This world was a former part of the League:

World Listing: 1116[edit]

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References & Background (Sources)[edit]

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