Cumberan Confederation/Rebellion

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The Cumberan Confederation, previously a trade collective within Solomani Confederation borders, declared its independence from the Confederation in 1127, renouncing its provisional membership. This was in response to increasing Solomani meddling in the internal affairs of the collective's worlds. The conflict was over the large number of Vegan refugees, displaced by Solomani reduction of the Vegan Autonomous Region, who had settled on Cumber. Solomani leaders saw the Vegan issue as a natural link between Cumber and Daibei, and sought to eliminate it. However, their persecution of Cumberan Vegans only exacerbated the issue, and led to the Cumberan withdrawal to form its own confederation. Since its withdrawal, the Cumberan Confederation has traded emissaries with Daibei and the Aslan.

The Cumberan secession was a blow to Solomani prestige, but rather than fan the flames by directly opposing the Cumberan Confederation, the Solomani setup the New Order Vigilance Alliance. Although still maintaining nominally civil relations with the Solomani, the Cunberan Confederation knows that it must develop alternative alliances and trade routes for when the Solomani eventually drop pretences and actively oppose them. The Duwamish League represents one such initiative; the Cumberans have also deployed some of their excellent TL 12 lift troops to several worlds of the sector.

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