Amec Trade Protectorate

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An expansionistic, military, and mercantile league of worlds covering more than twenty worlds within Zeda, Bolivar, and Remnants subsectors.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Amec Trade Protectorate is classed as a cultural region within the Imperium and must acknowledge Imperial sovereignty and military policy.

  • Nahuatl is the official language of the Protectorate.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The South American and African descendants that colonized worlds in the Bolivar subsector rebelled against the Imperial culture, rediscovering their ancestral root.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Over the centuries, the Protectorate has continued to grow through trade and military endeavors to encompass a major, at the time, unaligned segment of Zeda subsector.

  • Since the Imperial rules of war prevent outright military conquest, the Protectorate became expert in using internal dissent to destabilize an existing government.
  • At this point, the Amec-backed rebels would invite the Protectorate to come in as a peace-keeping force.
  • Once their forces were legally on-planet the rules of war no longer applied and outright military conquest began in earnest.
  • While most Amec worlds have elected to change the names of their planets, the Imperium has maintained the original designations on all Imperial Surveys.

Dagudashaag ‐ Twenty‐Three Systems

Bolivar (Dagu M) ‐ 6

  1. Anshaar (Dagu 0633)
  2. Eddum (Dagu 0531)
  3. Kinhe (Dagu 0331)
  4. Mimku (Dagu 0831)
  5. Shashankhu (Dagu 0832)
  6. Shumuu (Dagu 0631)

Remnants (Dagu J) ‐ 2

  1. Iushush (Dagu 0928)
  2. Lemimamur (Dagu 0930)

Zeda (Dagu I) ‐ 15

  1. Asimidiske (Dagu 0828)
  2. Coroico (Dagu 0126)
  3. Dudin (Dagu 0230)
  4. Ekhor (Dagu 0227)
  5. Hu (Dagu 0229)
  6. Iur (Dagu 0628)
  7. Kaattji (Dagu 0228)
  8. Maq'appav (Dagu 0222)
  9. Nidavellir (Dagu 0528)
  10. Shammud (Dagu 0223)
  11. Shogun (Dagu 0729)
  12. Syrna (Dagu 0329)
  13. T'azhqava (Dagu 0530)
  14. Tsuchi (Dagu 0322)
  15. Ushkhir (Dagu 0129)

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