Rommie Autonomous Commonality

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Sovereign, self governing reservation within the High Zhdant Federation. The RAC is an undivided federation with no internal subdivisions. Presided over by a governor and a bicameral legislature.


Algebaster/Cronor (Spinward Marches 0605)


Comprises the worlds of Rio, Whenge, Enlas-du, Algebaster, Rasatt, Indo, Nerewhon, and Narval, all of which are contained in Cronor Subsector.


Mixed Terran, Imperial Culture and Zhodani human. Small Vargr minorities.


The Rommies are a collection of worlds whose population mixture is rather at odds with the neighboring High Zhdant Federation. Four of these worlds (Rio, Whenge, Algebaster and Nerewhon) were colonized by either Terran sublight missions or Rule of Man long range colony missions. Enlas-du appears to be a world of Zhodani runaways who fled the Zhodani Consulate about six thousand years ago. Indo was colonized during the Imperial period from Nerewhon. Rasatt and Narval were former Third Imperium worlds lost to the Zhodani after the Second Frontier War. These worlds objected to being included into the High Zhdant Federation after its founding, and their agitation created a second, sovereign nation within the boundaries of the former. The new Commonality was established in NE 60, after protracted negotiations with the High Zhdant Federation government.

Wartime damage to these worlds were surprisingly light. The locals had assimilated enough Zhodani culture to escape a cursory examination, and the Dawn Heralders were largely ignorant of these client states. The Commonality has a separate relationship with the Commonwealth government from the other commonalities.

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