Fourth Imperium

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The Fourth Imperium is an interstellar state founded 1221 by the Usdiki Trade Federation.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
None Pre-Imperial None No standard code None
None 1st Survey (300) None 2-ltr code None
None 2nd Survey (1065) None 4-ltr code None
TBD 5th Survey (1248) None 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information yet available.

A. Goals: 1221[edit]

The goals of the Fourth Imperium are:

  • The restablishment of civil society and organized governance
  • Survival from the Wave
  • Safe travel amongst the stars
  • The exploration of the worlds circling those stars
  • The pursuit of knowledge, mutually-profitable trade, and commerce
  • The active exchange of information and technology
  • The individual pursuit of personal betterment
  • The collective pursuit of community good
  • The reestablishment of the Grand Empire of the Stars

B. Symbols: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

C. Polity Quick Facts: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The history of the Fourth Imperium is a history of struggle under extreme conditions with the threat of complete annihilation or widespread species (sophont) extinction always looming.

Political Lineage: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

Demographics: 1221[edit]

Significant populations of the following sophont races reside within this polity:

  • Terragens (Non-Human Terran Races)
    • TBD

Demographic Data Table: 1221[edit]

Significant populations of the following sophont races exist within this polity:

  • No information yet available.

History-Era: Mileu 1200[edit]

No information yet available.


When humans from Terra began exploring interstellar space in 2096 AD, they were surprised to find that there were worlds teeming with life, and among them, other humans from other worlds far removed from their own. There were wars, conquests and colonization efforts, as Terrans spread out from their homeworld and integrated with the humans from forty-six other worlds. Interstellar empires, large and small, came and went, collapsing over the years from their own weight. The Third Imperium, the most successful, was still no exception.

Existing for over 1100 years, the Third Imperium ruled a region of space over 200 parsecs in diameter, governing more than 11,000 star systems and a thousand alien races. A number of their neighbors, most of them non-human, were united in various interstellar polities of their own, creating effective borders which greatly limited Imperial expansion. For a long time, the Imperium was stable, huge but stable. Occasionally a war or pacification campaign broke out, both foreign and domestic, but the Imperium dealt with such conflict in due course. Yet even such a strong government as the Third Imperium could not stand forever.

Second Civil War[edit]

Internal strife built up between the nobles of the sprawling empire, and the Second Civil War of the Imperium collapsed the largest empire in Known Space. The factions fought hard, first over succession to the Iridium Throne, and when no one candidate was accepted, then as an effort to reestablish the Imperium through conquest. The fight lasted fifteen years, and broke the Imperium into a number of fragile states. Then the ultimate weapon was unleashed, and all was lost.

Vampiric Virus[edit]

The ultimate weapon took the form of a computer Virus, geneered from a native silicon lifeform to take over computer systems and simply shut them down. When it was released accidentally, the Virus spread, and it mutated. Evolution kicked in much faster for the software lifeform, and several different species of Virus evolved. Many destroyed themselves and the computers they were loaded into, while others evolved, and became hunters, predators, seeking to perform genocide on all living races. They took over starships, vehicles, computers and machines.

  • The Virus spread, and left behind a wasteland that destroyed interstellar society.

Usdiki Trade Federation & Reform[edit]

Here and there, some worlds managed, though barely, to keep themselves from collapsing too far technologically. Protected by astrogational obstacles or massive defenses and the lives of many brave souls, these worlds became a light in the darkness. In the aftermath of the primary and secondary waves of the Virus attacks, some of these worlds reached out once again to contact their neighbors. Though Virus was still a devastating presence throughout Known Space, these small pockets of civilization learned to defend themselves from Virus's infections and planetary assaults. Over time, Federations, Republics, and other small interstellar unions emerged. Interstellar trade within one union of star systems merged with new markets in other interstellar unions.

One of these worlds was Usdiki, located in the Gushemege Sector of the old Imperial space. As these brave people reached out, they forged the Usdiki Trade Federation. Once united, the various coalitions and worlds of the Federation grew, and trade resumed. By 1201, the rimward half of Charted Space was on the upswing, and Recovery had begun.

New Ziru Sirka & Black Imperium[edit]

As the smaller polities began reaching out, not all of those encountered were friendly.

The New Ziru Sirka were one such, with aggressive expansion policies that brought them into conflict with their interstellar neighbors. The Regency and the New Ziru Sirka fought fiercely, before the Vilani pulled back their forces and struck out to conquer the Black Curtain that covered much of Core Sector.

The so-called Black Imperium retaliated, and Vland was nearly destroyed. The assault of the Black Imperium on Vland led to the declaration of war against the Virus-controlled empire, and a call was sent to all human-controlled empires that diplomatic missions had reached. The War of the Grand Alliance went into the Black Imperium hopeful of success... Sadly, they did not find what they sought, for once the Grand Fleet was done, another invading force from further away raided, and drove the Grand Fleet away. The Dominate of the Gods of Thunder, an extreme militant faction of the K'kree had come to claim the prize that was the old Third Imperium capital, and found the battle waging instead.

Fourth Imperium Founding[edit]

From the ashes of the Grand Fleet rose the Grand Alliance, with the goal of taking out the threat of The Dominate. The growing sense of solidarity prompted the Usdiki Trade Federation to evolve. The Usdiki Trade Federation dissolved, replaced by the fledgling Fourth Imperium, in service to a Vacant Throne and led by an Advisory Council that later became known as the Imperial Moot.

Several efforts to destroy The Dominate were launched over the course of more than a decade, but none were successful for long. The world of Capital, deep in Core sector and seat of power for the Dominate in this part of Charted Space, changed hands repeatedly as fleets clashed, and matters back home impacted the ability to continue to wage war.

In time, it became apparent that The Dominate was preparing to move on the rest of Humaniti. The Fourth Imperium issued a Call To Arms for all of Humaniti to join Imperial forces in one final fight against The Dominate, and Humaniti responded with ships. Fleets left from the Fourth Imperium on a mission that eventually saw the destruction of the primary Dominate forces within Humaniti's space, driving the rest back toward K'kree space to recover and plot their revenge.


After the terrible battles to rout the K'kree, fleets of ships returned home after their long mission. In the aftermath an individual worthy of the title of Emperor of the Fourth Imperium was found. The Vacant Throne was no more. Now this new Emperor reigns over the Fourth Imperium with the blessings of the Imperial Moot.

End of the Empire (1476)[edit]

Most chronologies place the end of the Fourth Imperium in 1476, when Plinnenesh was forced to abdicate to the Taash warlord Shginmos, and the last remnants of the Fourth Imperium faded from memory.

Though all records are lost, it is speculated that the same Insanity Wave that hit the OTU in 1201, reached the 1248 "Imperial space" some time between years 1301 and 1401. [1]

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

The Fourth Imperium is a feudal confederation characterized by a low degree of governmental centralization that gives a high degree of sovereignty (freedom) to local (planetary) governments and sometimes suffers from a poor ability to create unified policy. The Fourth Imperium government is usually classified as a Feudal Confederation, a form of a Confederation.

Overview: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

Internal Politics: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

Political Factions: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

Interstellar Relations: 1221[edit]

This polity conducts diplomacy and maintains active relations with the following other polities:

  • No information yet available.

Allies: 1221[edit]

Positive relations exist with the following other polities:

  • No information yet available.

Enemies: 1221[edit]

Negative relations exist with the following other polities:

  • No information yet available.

Member States: 1221[edit]

The following states have acquiesced part of their sovereignty, thus forming sub-polities, to this supra-polity:

  • No information yet available.

Government Structure: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

A. Executive Branch: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

B. Legislative Branch: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

C. Judicial Branch: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

D. Bureaucracy: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

E. Military: 1221[edit]

The military of this polity is subordinate to the supreme executive of this polity.

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

The Fourth Imperium is served in military endeavors by the Regency Army, Regency Marines, Regency Navy, and Regency Quarantine Service. The totality of the Fourth Imperium's military is known as the Regency Interstellar Armed Forces. The Intelligence needs of the Fourth Imperium are served by the Regency Intelligence Service and the Regency Interstellar Scout Service.

A. Ground Forces: 1221[edit]

B. Naval Forces: 1221[edit]

C. Special Forces: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

D. Paramilitary Forces: 1221[edit]

E. Intelligence Agencies: 1221[edit]

Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

No information yet available.

Interstellar Commerce: 1221[edit]

The following businesses operate out of or in this polity:

  • No information yet available.

Corporation Listing: 1221[edit]

The following businesses operate out of or in this polity:

  • No information yet available.

Interstellar Currency & Finance: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

Research & Technology: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

Calendar & Timekeeping (Chronology)[edit]

No information yet available.

Mathematics: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

Sciences: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

Trade Routes (Economic Astrography)[edit]

The following astrographic features and trade routes can be found within this polity:

Greater Mains (Blue & Cyan Lines: 51+ destinations)[edit]

  • No information yet available.

Lesser Mains (Green & Yellow Lines: 11-50 destinations)[edit]

  • No information yet available.

Micro Mains (Red & Pink Lines: 0-10 destinations)[edit]

  • No information yet available.

Rifts, Voids & Jump Bridges[edit]

  • No information yet available.

Traces & Clusters[edit]

  • No information yet available.

Other Astrographic Features[edit]

  • No information yet available.

Worlds & Sectors (Political Astrography)[edit]

This polity is primarily located in the following areas:

  • No information yet available.

Capitol: 1221[edit]

The capitol of this polity is located on this world:

  • No information yet available.

World Listing: 1221[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this polity:

No world articles for Fourth Imperium

Sector Map: 1221[edit]

The location of this polity in Charted Space can be found on the following map:

  • No information yet available.

Territorial Overview: 1221[edit]

No information yet available.

References & Background (Sources)[edit]

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  1. An unpublished factoid written by Robert Eaglestone