Avery Aella Alkhalikoi

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High Regent: Avery Aella Alkhalikoi
High Regent of Regency of Deneb
Born 1118
Ascended 1137
Died 1149
Preceeded by unknown
Succeeded by unknown

Avery Aella Alkhalikoi was the heir of Emperor Strephon, later a government official and Heir Consort in the Regency of Deneb.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Avery was conceived using frozen ova from the dead Empress Iolanthe at the beginning of Strephon's exile on Usdiki and was born in 1118. His identity as Strephon's heir was kept secret during his youth; Strephon claimed he was a war orphan whom he adopted into his court.

In 1126, the Arrival Vengeance mission sent by Norris reached Usdiki and its personnel met with Strephon. When they departed for the Domain of Deneb Avery accompanied the mission. Norris adopted him without revealing his family history; he went by the name Avery Aledon until age 21.

Avery was very interested in technology issues, especially those concerned with psionics and artificial intelligence. In 1137 at age 19 he was appointed High Regent for Technological Assessment. In 1139, on his 21st birthday, his identity as Strephon's heir was revealed publicly. In 1144, he married Norris's true-daughter and heir Seldrian, an event that was very popular in the Regency as the symbolic merger of the family lines of the immensely popular Norris and the symbolically important Alkhalikoi emperors. However, Avery and Seldrian had a fraught personal relationship, and Avery spent most of his time away from the Regency seat of government on Mora. They did, however, produce a son, born in 1147, Caranda, who would later succeed Seldrian as Regent.

Avery continued his duties as High Regent until 1149, when he was killed in an accident while participating in an demonstration of computer-enhanced artificial psionics.

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