Alurzan Cartel

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1124 to 1130

The Cartel is an overgrown trading league with no central government, dominated by Gilboa (Diaspora 2211) and Bifirs (Diaspora 2112). Gilboa is the site of a Judiciate-backed succession war, which keeps its TL 10 troops quite busy at home. Bifirs as well finds that its TL 8 troops are kept quite busy putting out other fires caused by Judiciate intrigue. If this weren't enough, the Cartel must send its starships elsewhere for maintenance and repair, usually to Netti (Diaspora 2213) or to the Hewes Dyad ((the unified worlds of Raasaraa (Diaspora 2314) and Hewes (Diaspora 2414)), where they are usually the targets of terrorist threats, presumably from Judiciate interests.

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